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Realistic, Genuine, Fantastic Mock Off-Season

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Originally posted by hec26:
Originally posted by RollinWith21n52:
I don't like several things about it.
-First off I don't see Pat Sims as the BPA. I also don't believe Nolan is looking to REPLACE Franklin.
-zero chance Nicks is available in the 3rd. Second is starting to look like a question mark
-Colt Brennan is awful. If we're going to waste a pick on him I'd rather use that 5th, package it with another pick, and move up even one spot. I'll admit that I didn't watch him in collge. But I did see the Sr. Bowl, and man o man did he look HORRIBLE
-Devin Thomas is a bigger reciever. Martz seems to like the opposite. Personnaly i'm not opposed to bigger receivers, but just something to note. Plus, I hear Detroit is looking for a 2nd rounder for Roy Williams. I'm not for doing that, but if we're going to use that pick on a big receiver, makes sense to just trade it for Williams.
-I believe Womack has a history of injuries. If i'm wrong then ignore this. If i'm right, I definately don't want him
I cannot support any draft that does not have us drafting Domonique Rodgers Cromartie. I think he's too good to pass up on.

im def with you on that 1 i really hope we find a way to get him

agreed. Hope Tennessee drafts a receiver, and that the Jags pass on him too.

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old news
Originally posted by znk916:
old news

Dude.... Why did you drag out this old thread only to call it old news?
I think someone wants alittle attention...
Originally posted by Giggiddy:
I think someone wants alittle attention...
what if we draft all o-line the entire draft. we would have the best line in the world!!!
Originally posted by TexasNiner84:
what if we draft all o-line the entire draft. we would have the best line in the world!!!

Are we drafting a good offensive line coach too? Cuz if not we're not going to have squat.

Oh and the guy who bumped this for nothing is a dumbass.
Only, if only, we'd drafted Carl Nicks. We'd be in much better position now. Colt has had a few good preseasons but hasn't had much real game experience.

I like seeing these old threads, particularly with all the definitive statements.. ie Nicks will NOT be available in the 3rd. Didn't he go later than that?
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