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AB's Mock Draft - Final Results

With the 18th pick the Texans take Rashard Mendenhall RB Illinois.
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ok, banner49er/eagles are on the clock.
Eagles select Jeff Otah, Pittsburgh wth the 19th Pick.
Ok, natron06(buccs) are on the clock.
And with the 20th overall pick the Bucs select Leodis McKelvin!
Redskins/49ersman5692 OTC until 12AM EST-9PM PST
my bad i ment the 21st pick
Originally posted by AB83Rules:
With the 17th pick, the vikings select DE Derrick Harvey, Florida. badd..i was at weight training for football
Ok, Jordache49(Cowboys) are on the clock till Midnight EST/ 9 PM PST

With the 22nd pick of the NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys select............

DeSean Jackson

Just couldnt pass him up at this spot.... adds big play at WR and in the return game
ok, AllTimeGreat(Steelers) Are on the clock.
Ok...after trading for a shutdown CB and picking up a Fanchise OT the jets have taken care of two glaring holes, however we have one left. Although many thought Gholston was our true target he was not, after being unable to trade down we now do the next best thing and trade up and select...

Phillip Merling OLB/DE

We feel he is the pass rusher that we were looking for and a slighty less athletic version of Shawn Merriman. So we got two fanchise players that we wanted and feel great about the trade.
alrighty, 49ersMyLife is on the clock til 2 AM est/ 11 PM pst.
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All right, Titans have made their pick. Just couldn't pass him after watching the the game last week, and after he jumps 44inches and runs 4.3, we believe he will be a top 20 pick.

With the 24th pick, Tennessee Titans select Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
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