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Marry, Boff, Kill...49er draft

Originally posted by Quest4six:
Originally posted by m_brockalexander:
Am I so old that I have no f**king clue about Marry, Boff, Kill? Apparently so.

Stepbrothers quote,

"Ok, you got Barbara Walters, Oprah, and Rosie you gotta F^*% one, marry one, kill one"
Thread is a play off that old game

Thanks, Quest. That clears a lot up for me. Gotta work on my movie line knowledge before they revoke my man card.

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Originally posted by 49ers808:
You don't gotta fu#k the one you marry? I guess that happens in real life so I get it lol

I am marrying Oprah then!! /retire

Marry - Martin. I hope the kid starts - because if he does, it means he is picking things up quick! Harbaugh wouldn't trust a rookie on the O-line (especially center) otherwise. We used to have some muscle in the middle. Huge with a nasty streak and attitude. His name was Jeremy Newberry. Would love for Martin to be able to bring that back!

Boff - Aaron Lynch. This guy just looks like a beast. Very physical. hopefully he can get focused.

Boff (for next year, since he may not play this one) - Trey Millard. This is a guy I REALLY wanted us to draft! He can be such a multi-weapon. He runs, he catches, and he blocks. Willing player! Ton Rathman - please mold this kid and make him worthy of your #44!!!

Kill - Kaleb Ramsey. He's had so many injuries, I figure we will be the easiest to kill!
Before this thread I didn't know what "boff" meant.
Originally posted by VPofCarnage:
Before this thread I didn't know what "boff" meant.

You mean no one has ever called you a motherboffer?
Marry: Martin
Boff: Ward/Ellington
Kill: Hyde/Borland
Boff: Jimmie Ward ...wanted him on our team from the get go.. the guy is a torpedo

Marry: Carlos Hyde know we got a keeper here

Marry: Marcus Martin ..a young guy with a LOT of upside and potential, real excited about this pick

Boff: Chris Borland ...I see a lot of big 10 games in my area , this guy is an old school throwback player, he WILL contribute

Marry: Brandon Thomas ....he has a long road back from his injury, but when he returns it will be like getting a 1st round talent, this pick will pay off down the road

Boff: Bruce ellington ...has the speed and talent to be highlight reel stud

Marry: Dontae Johnson ...he is raw, but has a lot of talent that needs to be nurtured, this pick could be a real steal

Boff: Aaron Lynch ...lights out physical talent, if he is focused on playing football, we'll have another monster pass rusher

??? : Keith Reaser ... don't know about this one, he has a lot of potential, but we wont know what we have until he comes back fully healthy, I don't wanna say kill, cause he is a talented kid, and he could come back strong , low risk high reward pick here

Marry: Kenneth acker... solid player, has his work cut out for him, might take time to develop, if he don't make our team, he will find work somewhere, not the fastest player, but he is tough and has a good vertical leap that will help him fight for the ball in deep passing coverage

Kill: Kaleb Ramsey ...nothing against the kid , but he is another Cam Johnson, nothing to get excited about here

Marry : Trey Millard ...good solid football player here, will need to get creative to keep him , going to be hard to get on the field with Bruce Miller holding down the FB spot, but this kid is a hardworking player , I'm rooting for him
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