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Vic Hampton-South Carolina-Remains unsigned.

Originally posted by MC9BEAT:
Actually letting them go back to college makes a lot of sense. As for not being drafted. A short slow CB is not in demand. 5'9" with a 4.69 40. That's a 4.7 40 yd dash. Possession receivers could burn him deep. I have heard of big 4.6 CB's but not small 4.7 CB's. Add to that all the character flags and I wonder why anyone thought he would be drafted.

I don't know if I would want to bring him in. We would have to cut a player to make room. I don't see a future for a short slow CB on our team even without the red flags and those red flags make it a absolute no.

Track speed does not equal playing speed. A guy can run a bad 40 but to me, Hampton looks to be around the same playing speed as a guy like Joyner.
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Originally posted by jordanroberts88:
Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
I think that if an underclassmen doesn't get drafted, he should have the option to return to college (either his previous school or somewhere else). He can learn from the process, clean some things up, hopefully have a better season then re-apply for the draft the next year. IMO, there's absolutely no reason to punish someone who still has college eligibility just because they took a chance on the professional ranks.

That would be nice. Because of the depth of this draft, I bet there are a lot of players who regret leaving early. I also wish the NFL had some sort of D League. There are too many stories of players getting called while working at a grocery store.

I hope the new director of football operations follows through with this idea

It looks like someone is going to try to do it
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