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Texas has seen better days when it comes to the draft

From Peter King's latest MMQB.

The number of players from some schools drafted over the weekend:

2: Coastal Carolina, Florida Atlantic University, Georgia Southern.

1: McGill (Canada), Maine, Princeton, Saginaw Valley State, Marist, Concordia-St. Paul, Lindenwood (Mo.), Pittsburg State, South Dakota, Bloomsburg.

0: Texas.

Charlie Strong.....good luck sir!

Well, unfortunately, high recruiting classes don't always pan out. And the streak can last a couple of years. I've seen low ranked SC classes put three guys in the first round and the Top ranked SC class put only 3 players in the entire class.

What can you say. Kids are Kids, some work out, a lot don't.

But I will say this... "If a College is signing top classes over and over again, they have a chance of getting sloppy and let their attention drift to espn ranking sheets instead of actually scouting and grading the kid themselves. This is what happened to Texas and is in danger of happening to Alabama. This also happened to SC."

Some of these 4 and 5 star athletes peak in high school and you wouldn't know it unless you watch the film of every game with a critical eye.
Purdue coming off a 1-11 record (only win was versus an FBS school they barely beat) had 2 players selected. Moral of the story? Suck it Texas!
You know what's weird, UNC actually has the most players drafted in the NFL since 2008 with 29, including 4 this year (should have been 5, James Hurst is def a good NFL OT)
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