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The "I Was Wrong" Thread

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Originally posted by m_brockalexander:
Originally posted by LVJay:
Thought we'd get two CBs and two WRs by the 4th round. Also thought David Fales would be gone by the 4th or sooner

I was wrong about the WR's and CB's, too. My QB pick was Aaron Murray in the 4th.

Happy with what the professionals did. Nice work Baalke and Harbaugh.

Yeah, you got that right. I admit, I was a little bummed out when we didn't snag a certain CB and WR when they were there for the picking. Although, the Stevie Johnson trade really set the tempo and Ellington in the 4th just about sealed the deal for WRs.

As for CB, I guess I just trusted that FO was more satisfied with what we had (before draft) than any of us fans were. I really liked Kyle Fuller and Pierre Desir, but I ain't trippin. I must say, the Ward pick (that early) surprised me, but it made a lot of sense... backs up any safety position, was a CB prior to safety so, he's got all the versatility we can ask for (plus a little special teams).

Man, FO killed it and killed it some more with the UDFA
Originally posted by Garcia:
Originally posted by jreff22:
Didn't say it outloud...but didn't think we would go RB again. Hopefully we can leave the position alone for a few years now.

Biggest turnover of any position

That don't make sense

When you only keep 3-4 on the roster and one has been here for 10 years, it's not that much turnover.
I would agree that Baalke likely did not see enough difference to make a jump...or he would have. Conjecture is fun, but not useful at this point for assigning blame...particularly when the draft is considered a homerun by most. I'm alway amazed that some feel they are better judges of talent than a whole team of scouts and coaches, not to mention Baalke.
Originally posted by sspiker:
Everyone was wrong to think we wouldn't use all of our picks. In fact, we drafted more than the picks we came in with.
Everyone was wrong to think we'd trade up in the first.
Everyone was wrong to think we wouldn't draft a RB.
Everyone was wrong to think we would draft a QB.
Everyone was wrong to think we'd use an early pick on CB/WR.
Everyone was wrong to think that they know how to best draft players for this team.

Damn...that's a truth bomb right there.
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Originally posted by English:
I also did not believe we would take a running back in the 2nd.

And I took shots of putting James White in the 6th round of my Mock Draft.

Oh and I was waaaaay off in my Mock Draft, I think I got the needs right just not the players.
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I thought we would address WR /CB more in the top half and OL/RB later in the draft.
I was right!

Baalke did the unexpected.
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The day I know what Baalke is going to do on draft day is the day this franchise is doomed.
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