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The "I Was Wrong" Thread

Everyone was wrong to think we wouldn't use all of our picks. In fact, we drafted more than the picks we came in with.
Everyone was wrong to think we'd trade up in the first.
Everyone was wrong to think we wouldn't draft a RB.
Everyone was wrong to think we would draft a QB.
Everyone was wrong to think we'd use an early pick on CB/WR.
Everyone was wrong to think that they know how to best draft players for this team.
I was wrong in thinking that we were going to trade up multiple times, trade picks for next year, and that there was no way we were going to draft that many guys.
I'm always least that's what the wife always says....
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I thought the 49ers would call Exum's name in the 5th or 6th. They took a couple CB's but neither was Exum. I was wrong
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Double Post
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I was wrong, thought we wouldn't draft a RB or use all of our picks in the draft. Also thought we would draft a developmental QB too.
I had stated I didn't believe Ellington fit as a 49ers. Apparently Trent and Jim think I am wrong and here's to hoping they are right.
I don't know if I ever openly said this, but I do remember criticizing a friend's logic last week for saying we'd draft a running back. I was wrong thinking we needed to do that. Too much talent is a good problem to have.

I never thought Easley would be drafted that high either. I figured third round. First and second round picks are more or less expected to contribute something immediately. Using a pick that high on a guy that won't play seemed crazy to me. But it isn't unprecedented (Willis McGahee, '03 draft).

I was wrong about us picking a receiver in the second round. I would've probably bet money on it lol. Then the Stevie Johnson trade happened and we got an explosive playmaker in the fourth. Dare I say we could potentially have one of the best groups of receivers in the league. And this doesn't even include Vernon Davis.

I was also wrong in thinking we wouldn't use all of our picks. I did believe we'd trade back some because of the amount of talent that would be available in the second and third rounds. But I figured after we'd end up using eight and nine draft picks, while rolling the leftovers into 2015.
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Originally posted by LVJay:
Thought we'd get two CBs and two WRs by the 4th round. Also thought David Fales would be gone by the 4th or sooner

I was wrong about the WR's and CB's, too. My QB pick was Aaron Murray in the 4th.

Happy with what the professionals did. Nice work Baalke and Harbaugh.
We needed a legit backup for Kaep, I guess we gave up a 6th and we should've known that the coaching staff saw way more than we did in Gabbert. Other than that we can't really complain because even though we didn't stash a whole lot of picks for next year we have 2-3 guys on our pup list that can come in and fill roles when we lose a guy like Iupati next yr.

Am I wrong for thinking that the CB position was not adequately addressed?
Originally posted by WildBill:
Well I knew what ever I thought the niners were going to be do was going to be wrong and I was right


Thoughts before the draft:

1) If they took a safety in the first it would have to be Pryor or Clinton-Dix (trade up).
2) Knew it would be either a WR, CB or C in the second round.
3) They'd take at lest two WRs (to be fair with myself, Johnson could be thought of as one).
4) Knew they would not take a RB high.
5) Absolutely knew Baalke would baffle/amaze me...and again...I was correct.
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Finally got over the fact that we passed up on Brandin Cooks

But I was wrong for having the slightest hope that we would pick up Aaron Murray or Tahj Boyd once they started to fall.
Originally posted by HERN:
Finally got over the fact that we passed up on Brandin Cooks

But I was wrong for having the slightest hope that we would pick up Aaron Murray or Tahj Boyd once they started to fall.

We didn't pass on Cooks. He was drafted 10 picks before us.
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The dolphins could have picked Juwan James at 30. I'd imagine they were feeling pretty desperate as the clock ticked down, to move back. I'm sure we had opportunity to grab that 19th spot if Baalke really liked Cooks or Dennard. It turns out that Jimmie Ward was probably higher on their board at the 30th pick than anyone available at 19.
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