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How did the draft line up with your mock?

I had Jimmie Ward (although not until the 2nd), Marcus Martin, Brandon Thomas and Tre Millard. Totally shocked they did not trade up for top line WR and CB. Baalke is tough to figure out. How did you guys do?
I correctly picked Martin and Millard. I had Verrett in the first, so Ward isn't much of a stretch from that (both nickel corners). I'm actually happier with the Ward pick because he can also play safety and is a little better built than Verrett
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I also got the first 3 picks in the draft right

Give me my espn deal now
Actually, I made every pick right and nailed every trade right on the money, except one pick...
I knew we'd trade for Stevie Johnson

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Didn't see the Ward pick coming.

Borland, Thomas, and Ellington were in most of my mocks. The Center pick wasn't a surprise either. I really thought we'd select Jeremy Hill instead of Hyde though. I have a feeling they were the top RBs for us and as soon as Hill went, we pounced. It could've went either way.

I really thought we'd draft Colvin and Fales. It looks like we wanted to maintain a physical presence in the secondary, which explains passing on Desir.

Overall I'm pleased. If Ward and any one of the CBs pan out, this could be a special draft.
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Only thing I got right was Aaron Lynch, 1 round earlier though.
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I got 95% of the positions right and 100% of the player (names) wrong
I drafted better for the Steelers than us
Originally posted by Quest4six:
I drafted better for the Steelers than us


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Well in one mock, I had Kelcy Quarles going in the 2nd round...and he went out as a UDFA.

So thank god my mocks didn't align with Baalke's selections.
I did very well last year in my predictions, but did not make a mock to back it up. Notably, I had us taking Reid, Tank, Lattimore, Patton. I tried to do a mock this year and spent hours trying to figure out where the niners would trade up/down. And who they really valued. If I would have finished it, it would have included us trading up 2x trade and trading back more than that. We would have a mid round 1st for 15-Pyror (S), top 2nd 34- Martin (C), Low second 56-Latimer(WR), 77*-Breeland(CB) and I sort of gave up after that. Much respect to those who are able to put good mocks out there.
Post draft Mock
RD1 Jimmie Ward CB/S
RD2 Trade up from 61 with a 4th rd pick Jordan Mathews WR
RD2 Cody Latimer WR
RD3 Marcus Martin C
RD3 Trade up with a 5th rd pick Phillip Gaines CB
RD3 Brandon Thomas G
RD7 Trey Millard FB/H Back
RD7 Jackson Jeffcoat OLB/DE pass rusher
RD7 Craig Loston S
I only got my IR team

Brandon Thomas
Trey Millard

Missed on:
Aaron Murray (not a major need after trading for Blaine Gabbert)
Aaron Colvin (we just missed him)
Spencer Long (went earlier than Brandon Thomas)
Dominique Easley (who would have guessed he would be a 1st)
Nickoe Whitley-
Vinnie Sunseri-

Didn't know about:
Keith Reaser
I had these three sprinkled throughout the 3 mocks I posted:

Bruce Ellington
Jimmie Ward
Chris Borland
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