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What's up at CB?

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Originally posted by dtg_9er:
Originally posted by cciowa:
i know we got lots of potentially good rookies but let us not repeat the mistake of two years ago when we gutted special teams and was a huge reason why we did not win the super bowl

Yes, I was quite upset when they cut all the top STs players a couple years ago. But it's a very tricky balance and they can hopefully upgrade their key ST players to be key back ups as well. How many passes has Osgood caught? In the past nine years he has caught nine passes--one per year. So his value as a WR is less than limited.

A number of the draft picks were STs standouts during their college careers, so I'm hoping one or more of them can be the new Ventrone. But...there is something to be said for the wily veteran who knows all the tricks of special teams play. Some guys just have a knack for avoiding blocks or wrecking havoc on the opponent!
dahl may go this year and we lost dixon.. hopefully we can keep osgood, bubba and cj as a good core then fill in with the kids. but shoot, if some of the kids go crazy on special teams in pre season then make those changes. i like jon baldwin but if it boils down to keeping 6 wide outs, keep osgood for his special teams. I really think this regime saw what took place when they gutted special teams and will not make that mistake again. good thoughts as always by dtg
I think versatility is important for whoever makes the roster. S/T aces like Osgood or Ventrone are great, but at a certain point we have to wonder would we be better off having a safety like McCray who can also return kicks or an Acker who actually has statistics backing up coverage ability? I am reluctant to gut our special teams aces but I am more reluctant to take up a roster spot for someone who can only play one phase of the game. I think Acker and McCray could challenge the S/T aces for spots due to their versatility.
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We need the roster spots that Ventrone and Osgood are taking.

Harbaugh said Seely gets 5 guys (3 are gone already with Dawson, Lee, and McDermott) but he would prefer as many as possible can also contribute at a position. That is not true of Ventrone and Osgood.

Borland, Moody, Acker, Johnson, and Ward were all ST studs in college ... particularly Borland. Morris came on strong in ST play last year and may be ready to take the job every week.

If they don't find a new PR, James may take one of Seely's 5 specialist spots as the 6th RB behind Gore, Hunter, Hyde, Lattimore, and Miller.
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