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Niners don't draft any corners??? what are they doing?

What the heck are they doing? They do realize they lost BOTH they're starting cornerbacks in the offseason right?

Seriously they are setting themselves up to get burnt the whole season in their passing defense!

They drafted a safety in the first round - not a corner! Theres a big difference. On top of that they already have Reid and Bethea at safety.

Meanwhile they are drafting another RB when they already drafted Lattimore last year.
Both starting cornerbacks?

When did Tramaine Brock leave the team??

BTW, Culliver is gonna play next year. He is not going to jail.

Also added the best coverage guy in the draft next to Verrett, Dennard, Fuller.

And there are plenty of good cb's available tomorrow. We got 7 picks.

Let's wait a day and judge the draft after tomorrow
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Brock just signed a four-year deal, he's not going anywhere.

Jimmie Ward is listed as a safety, but it's been made abundantly clear that he will be playing nickel CB for his first year or two.
They took a safety in the 1st round that played nickel corner 50% of the time in the MAC.
Baalke isn't big on this cb draft class
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