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Chris Borland?

We could have taken G Gabe Jackson and really made our OL a beast with the addition of him and Marcus Martin. We could have drafted a WR with some speed to develop. We could have added a CB like Desir. There were other ILB's available late 3rd and 4th rd we could add for depth.

This is the 1 pick I don't get.
This guy is Zach Thomas 2.0.

Riki Ellison

He will fill the spot while Bowman is recovering. He's super instinctive. A bowling ball. A tackling machine. Very underestimated. A great pick IMO.
I like this pick, he will be able to help on Special Teams as well.
Yeah, I really don't like this pick. Louis Nix, Gabe Jackson, and Philip Gaines were available.
His dad, Al Borland, was the co-host of Tool Time.... Check out his HighLight reel............not bad

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I was hoping we'd take Shayne Skov, but this guy is one of the highest rated ILB in the draft. Who knows how Bowman will return from his injury?
Wanted Skov,, but i at least got the position right. I like pick, Breeland, Ellington still on board, and other beastly Guards, but dont wanna overdraft OLine I guess.
Martin over Yankey, again i got the position right just not the player. Borland is gonna be good dude , trust.
He really has a lot of pop in his tackles.
This is why. Dude can tackle. Daaaaaaaaaamn
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