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49ers Penchant for Slow WR's

Teddy Ginn went top 10 and ran a 4.28. Just sayin'.

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But they also have a penchant for productive WRs though. 1000 yard type guys!
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Yo, stfu.
I have seen a link that said Johnson ran a 4.45 at his pro-day ... don't have it available at the moment.
Stevie!!! Best bang for your buck trade to date.
YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST, Stevie Johnson will lead the Niners in touchdowns this year.

I'd still like to see them go after Jordon Matthews or Martavis Bryant, big and fast first round talents.
And at worst take a flyer on Jeff Janis, the next Jordy Nelson?, especially since Baalke likes small schools.
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Originally posted by cptn12am:
The window for Kaepernick to complete a pass to a WR is smaller than any other QB's window in the NFL. He constantly has to fit a ball in to a wide receiver who is blanketed by coverage. The reason is that 49er WRs are the slowest in the entire league on average and Stevie Johnson probably makes them even slower. Now they hardly even have roster space for anybody who can stretch the field. What does the GM have against speed? Speed at wideout makes safeties play a few yards further back and opens up routes and running lanes. Their passing offense was 30th last year. This is still a passing league and their current philosophy isn't working. If they had even an average passing game -- they might be on "Quest for Nine" instead of finished second in their own division.

Chill. The best WR's group we ever had was Jerry Rice and Terrel Owens both of whom were considered Average speed at best. They both got deep anyway. Speed is always welcome but is useless if it doesn't come with talent. We tried drafting AJ Jenkins who had speed and that didn't work our very well. Hopefully we will get a WR with some speed in this draft in round 2 or round 3. It's not easy getting great WR's with speed when you are drafting at the back end of the draft.
I happened to watch the Super Bowl. Percy Harvin -- speed kills. Their offense will be much better this year if Harvin can stay healthy.
Stevie Johnson can ball. Our receiving core has now got to be one of the best in the league, more than enough to get #6.
Morton couldn't coach a turd outta a sphincter
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Originally posted by cptn12am:
I happened to watch the Super Bowl. Percy Harvin -- speed kills. Their offense will be much better this year if Harvin can stay healthy.

So, Seattle's defense totally annihilates Peyton Manning and the one thing you took from that was "derp, Percy Harvin?" The dude had gift TD which occurred at a point in the game where Denver had already lost but had to finish the game because the NFL doesn't allow forfeits.

Also, Denver's defense sucks. Having a good game against them wasn't really hard last season.

TLDR; Seriously go back to .net
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