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6 Complete Scenarios based on CBS, Mayock and Kiper

I checked out FanSpeak and thought the program interesting, but was frustrated that it had RB as a big Niner need. I developed a system for my own personal use but, now I could kick myself, I didn't turn this into a full blown website (but promise to next year). It allows for selecting different Team Needs, BigBoards and can load in differnt Mocks. I would love to get some of you to help me set the different rankings for next year.

I'm using:

CBS, Kiper's and Mayocks "BigBoards" (Ranking Prospects)
Kiper's and Walter Footballs team Needs

Scenario 1 CBS Bigboard/Walters Football Needs

Scenario 2 Mayock Bigboard/Walters Football Needs

Scenario 3 Kiper's Bigboard/Walters Football Needs

Scenario 4 CBS Bigboard/Kiper's Needs

Scenario 5 Mayock Bigboard/Kiper's Needs

Scenario 6 Kiper's Bigboard/Kiper's Needs

Since my data has Kiper and Mayock only rank top 100. Picks 101-256 are always CBS (they ranked top 1000)
and Kiper's Needs I have only first 3 or 4 positions, end of the rounds become redundant (need better data)
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They all suck. God I hope we do better than that. 6 picks in the 1st 3 rounds of a deep draft. I hope we do better.
I guess I could have put up the 3 WR receivers likely to selected before our next pick or the 2 CBs ..... but that seems too much on the line of overly optimistic "predictions" I have seen.
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Just goes to show you why drafting for "need" isn't a good idea a lot of times
I'll take Scenario 3
I think Baalke will surprise everyone.
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