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Deal up higher in the 2nd?

Deal up higher in the 2nd?

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I see us as happier with our current D-line than moving way up in Round two for Hageman/Nix/Jernigan{don't need another headcase anyway}) So, that said.

(56) Best WR remaining (Lee, Adams, Ellington, Moncriefe, Landry...)
(61) Package this with #91 for a 2015 first.
(77) Best corner available. Pierre Desir?
(91) *traded*
(100) Best center available. Marcus Martin?

Feel free to package a fourth or fifth to slide up a few spots to get secure these guys.
I'd rather the Niners stockpile some future picks while also getting several players
Originally posted by theninermaniac:
Yes a move up is imminent on Friday. I think Lattimer/Mathews at WR will be the targets.

I used to think I had some idea of what we would do. I like the Jimmie ward pick but I was way off. So I'm just going to assume that because everyone expects us to take a receiver...we probably will not. Especially one we actually like or know about. Haha.
Largely sticking with my board:

1. Robinson
2. Hyde
3. Richburg
4. Bitonio

Will give a more detailed breakdown later.
Largely sticking with my board:

1. Robinson- WR
2. Hyde-RB
3. Richburg-C
4. M. Martin-C
5. Bitonio-C
6. Latimer-WR

Will give a more detailed breakdown later. Have moved Bitonio down a bit since the Rams added Donald, and I want a player with some experience in the position taking charge right away. Now sure how smooth the transition would be for Bitonio. However, still high on all three guys who are center prospects.

The team that picks Hyde is going to win big-time. He is a stud, and some point, we need to toss the position of need and go for talent alone, and figure out how to get him on the field. Way too good to drop much further.

I believe all of these guys will be off the board at 56, so the team will need to trade up to secure their services.
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The two teams that traded up in the later part of the first had to each pay/ give up a third rounder to move up 4 spots and then a third rounder to move up 7 spots, to me that seems expensive.... IMO The cost was high cause of the quality of depth in this class and teams are holding on to their picks.
I think they should trade up to the teens. But I guess it depends on who they covet and what other teams might be trying to get.
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Originally posted by theninermaniac:
Yes a move up is imminent on Friday. I think Lattimer/Mathews at WR will be the targets.

I agree. I would like to see it. We have to be really aggressive now. No reason to sit back anymore. Two 2nd's can be turned into 2 very powerful 2nd's if we play our cards right. We got no place for 11 guys on this roster. This is a deep draft. We still have some impact guys in the top 40 - 45 to be had. I would like to get 2 of them if we can. I think we have the ammo to do it.

I think Latimer would be a great fit for the Niners and they will have to go up to get him. With the reports of the Texans asking for 3 # 1's to go up and get Clowney and what the Bills had to give up just to move 5 spots, trading up in the first would be been too expensive to get to Beckham. If the Niners end up with a top flight WR and a solid DL or OLB today, I will be thrilled.
I think our cb selection won't take a tradeup since there are lots of comparable players available (Breeland, Gaines, Desir, Jean-Baptiste) that are likely to fall to our pick. With that said, if we plan on going wr in the 2nd we absolutely MUST tradeup. Several wr needy teams passed in the 1st but don't count on it again.

If we stay pat I see ATLEAST 4 wr going before our pick but realistically up to 6. After the below 6 guys go I think there's a big dropoff and anyone after is more of a situational wr (Bryant, Richardson, Herron).

I would give a 2nd and 3rd to get a tier 1 guy below and 2nd and 4th for a tier 2 guy below.

Tier 1
1- Marqis Lee
2- Cody Lattimer
3- Allen Robinson

Tier 2
4- Donte Montcrief
5- Davante Adams
6- Jordan Matthews

Teams I think are more likely to go wr than not:

1- Browns
2- Jets
3- Eagles
4- Seahawks

Teams with solid chance of going WR:
1- Panthers
2- Jaguars
3- Packers
4- Steelers
5- Lions
6- Dolphins
7- Chargers
8- Steelers
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f**k! We're going to kill it tonight. The most ammo to trade up, down or out. No matter what else happens during these two rounds, we will most definitely have the last pick of the night!!!!! (Comp).

Awesome s**t. Lets get it
Originally posted by MC9BEAT:
We could use our 4th rd pick and 3rd rd #94 to move up with both our 2nd rd picks. That would leave us 2 more 3rd rd picks plus our 5th rounder and three 7ths.

The 49ers have a plan. They know which players they want and what it will likely take to get them.

This is exactly what I would do. I want 2 high 2nd's. Lets do it!
draft Lee or EAD
Originally posted by TheGoldDiggerrrr:
Originally posted by colinkaepernicks23:
Niners can groom either Tuitt or Hageman to be beasts. Look at our defensive line, i believe with having Justin Smith and Ray McDonald to help out rookies, they gain a ton of information on how the defensive line collapses the pocket and forces the QB to scramble. High on both prospects though

Thought we draft this big guy in Tank to replace Justin. Dude is a big big boy. Besides I think Jim tomsula could take a guy off the street and make him a starter on any team, o wait he does that like every year we lose a dline player who starts for another team, and yet the dline keeps on working. Were fine on replacing Justin I think tank is the future there.

Yea we have Tank taken over for J.Smith but we could take Tuitt N he can take over for Ray .....
Originally posted by dhp318:
I'd rather the Niners stockpile some future picks while also getting several players

I would not mind us getting some future picks but you need somebody willing to do it too.
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