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What WR now?

Originally posted by kray28:
We could have had Lee at #30 and drafted Jimmie Ward at trade up needed.

There is less than 0% chance that Ward would have been there at 56. Glad it is Baalke and not Krayke making the decisions
We can still draft jerry rice jr
D'Anthony Thomas! I consider him more of a wideout than a rb. Landry is a great pick that can emulate crabtree and Robinson or Richardson would be a great pickup.
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Herron and Abbrederis in the 3rd.
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Originally posted by kray28:
Originally posted by genus49:
Originally posted by kray28:
He might have been there in the 3rd round too. Baalke is just a sad sack poker player. After the 2012 draft debacle, and his issues with Harbaugh, I am losing confidence in him fast.

You realize how stupid you sound right?

He would've been available in the 3rd round because your fanduel mock draft generator told you that?

Sorry, I didn't need a mock draft to figure out that a guy who went to NIU probably wasn't on most team's first or second round draft radar.

Where did Jerry Rice go to school and where was he drafted? Basing talent on where a guy goes to school is plain ignorance.
Jordan Matthews or Moncrief
Mathews or Adams in the second.

Jalen Saunders in the mid/late rounds.

Never fear though, since i like them its a certainty they wont be picked.
Originally posted by Rocket4989:
We can still draft jerry rice jr

I'd say Ellington, Bryant or Lee would be worthy of a second rounder. All 3 would make a great pick for different reasons, but for the upcoming season Ellington could make the greatest impact by working the slot.
Latimer or Lee please!

I'd love to see Mathews in the 2nd and Bryant in the 3rd.
Originally posted by MikeRumph:
Originally posted by Rocket4989:
We can still draft jerry rice jr


how about Jerry RiceCake
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Landry in the 2nd, Herron in the 3rd. Boom!
I like Lee, Robinson, an Matthews the most but I think we could also wait another round and still get a good receiver maybe two like Ellington, Landry, or Richardson. Stick with defense and o-line in round 2.
we just got stevie johnson allegedly...
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