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Does Jimmy Ward remind the 49ers of Earl Thomas

Luv tha pick outside of T.Brooks , Ward was my 2nd favorite safety in tha draft just a little shocked taken him at #30 but in a yr or 2 he'll be a beast in tha backend for us ..... To all tha haters that show up for draft pick bashing ....
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Originally posted by nw9erfan:
A few points here about Ward...

1) Comparisons to Cam Chancellor are absurd. He is a lot closer to Earl Thomas (due to size, speed, and coverage ability) than Chancellor.

2) The Niners had him as the only player with a first round grade left on their board.

3) This guy is only about 5'10.5" tall but he has a 38" vertical and ran the 3 cone drill in 6.89 seconds. Anyone who says this guy is not athletic enough is not paying attention.

4) I totally agree with MD in that the traditional SS position is now being phased out. Don't think of Ward as a SS. Think of him as a S.

5) In today's NFL, a team can never have enough "coverage guys". The Niners just got one. Be happy.

Agree with all your points....comparing Ward to Chancellor is laughable... Pryor is way more similar to a Chancellor... And the Niners have been calling their safeties interchangeable for a while...They clearly don't categorize as SS and FS
Originally posted by THEB:
didnt need a safety. needed a WR and CB, still picked a safety

draft the best player .... you start reaching for need and you will destroy the talent on the team
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I hope we didn't draft him to stay a nickel corner and backup safety. You just don't draft 1st round picks to be a backup player. I know, I know, the nickel corner is used 50-60% of the time blah blah blah, I just hope this guy is starting material.

A nickel CB is a starting player nowadays, simple as that. If you can get a guy to fill that role and then develop into a starting safety, you just got tremendous value out of that 1st rounder.

OK. A player who plays 50-60% of snaps is a starter. Not really. You draft a nickel back in middle rounds or hell even the 2nd round, but not the 1st man. If we wanted a corner why not trade up for one who has potential to be the #1 CB. Then draft a nickel guy later. No matter what anyone says a nickelback is not a starter. You draft starters with your first rounder.

Hey genius, he is going to be the starter at safety after this next season. Bethea's guaranteed money in his contract says he is only here for one year.

How do you know he is going to be the starter at S next season? He could turn into a sole CB. I don't mind him as a player, I just have a problem with where he was picked. I just think we should of drafted someone who plays 85-100% of the snaps with a 1st rounder.
Originally posted by natrone06:
I remember when I compared AJ Jenkins to Issac Bruce . This time I will say Wards play style reminds me of Ed Reed .

Great minds think alike.

@49ers: Asked to compare himself to another @nfl player, #49ers DB @ward_jimmie says safety Ed Reed.
Best quote ever on Jimmy Ward:

"He's just a nice kid,'' he said, "who tries to hit you as hard as he can."

Go Jimmy boy!
Ward's tipped passes to himself are really impressive and indicative of a guy with really good ball skills.
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