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Does Jimmy Ward remind the 49ers of Earl Thomas

He seems to have some of the same tape... Discuss...
No. He's too PUNY. Hate the pick. Coulda Had a few other dudes. Very upset.
What is the 40 time of this player? CB or S in NFL?
Very versatile player. Has experience at corner, slot, safety. Excellent tackler and man-cover skills. Good timed speed and vertical jump. I'm loving this pick.
Ended up with my draft crush
NB 4.45
I did like him..just not in the first round
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So is he going to be our slot corner?
Maybe more of Lott. Not saying he'll be THAT good, but he has versatility and can play CB and S.
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didnt need a safety. needed a WR and CB, still picked a safety

he's played in the slot...
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Yes he'll play slot CB -- probably be a joker like Mathieu as well.
He will obviously play slot.
does he go to safety after a yr or so?
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