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Please draft gods

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Goodwill just announced the pick will be revealed next week
The second round quarterbacks they are talking about are freaks. That was a freak exception of a year.
Damn rams getting Watkins???
Fuk dumb ass texans

Now the Rams take OT
Biggest non shocker of the draft. Lol.

He'll be a probowler this year.

Took 15 mins do get clowney..cmon man
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Originally posted by JimHarbaugh:
Originally posted by LVJay:
I heard on the radio that every player will have their own (their choice) walk-up music as part of their intro while walking up to the podium. Callers were suggesting / guessing what certain players theme music will be. Some of the ideas were:

Bradley Roby - Bad Boys by Bob Marley

Johnny Manziel - Be Good Johnny by Men At Work A 49er fan from Colorado mentioned that Manziel should use the Banjo Duel from the movie Deliverence

Michael Sam - Dancing Queen by ABBA

Just to name a few


Can you guess any of the players walk-up songs
Clowney it is....Texans defense just got even more beastly. Texans could line up with Arena League players in the secondary and they'd still be good to go.
That's a fierce pass rush they got now.
Wheres Merton!?
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