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Your expectations starting today....???

Originally posted by CWin4949:
I know it won't happen, but I'd love to see us land Cooks and Verrett today.....


Originally posted by socal9er42:
I'm pretty much of the same opinion as you. I want to see at least 1 pick that is projected to be a starter at CB within the first few games of the season, a legitimate #2-3 WR by mid season (who could become the defacto #1 in 2015, and a couple of strong contenders for LB/DL. Pick up another #2 for next season and I'm a happy camper.

...but it will all come down to hos this draft unfolds. Very seldom have I seen such a wide disparity in where some players have been projected to go in various mock drafts. Odell Beckham Jr goes anywhere from 8-23, Verrett from around 13-32.etc. etc.

I have a hunch the phones will be burning up through the whole thing, and the Front Office will be exhausted by the end - but that's no guarantee that a single attempted trade will come to fruition.

They will address CB need before WR for two reasons: 1) Bigger need. 2) Won't get WR round 1 after AJ being so recent. FO cannot risk TWO failed #1 WR in three years.
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Originally posted by CWin4949:
I know it won't happen, but I'd love to see us land Cooks and Verrett today.....

Starting caliber CB and a B+ CB for Donnatel to devlop.

Starting caliber WR who'll contribute Day 1. An additiona WR to develop.

B+ caliber Safety for Donnatel to develop.

2-3 Red shirt guys. Hoping that Easley is one of them.


Baalke will do something nobody thought about.
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I think most here would be ecstatic with Beckham/Cooks and then Verrett/Fuller. Not likely to happen but we have the ammo to do it. Say 30 + 61 + 129 for 17 Beckham/Cooks (if one still is around). Then 56, 77, 94, 170 gets us to 26 and maybe enough for Verrett, probably not fuller. I can see us doing the first trade but I don't see us doing the 2nd. I think we stay put and use one of our 2nds for a CB (Breeland, Desir, SJB, etc). If we did do the trade though would leave us with Beckham/Cooks, Fuller/Verrett, 3rd (100 comp), 6th, 7, 7, 7. Don't see that happening. I'd rather keep the 2 2nds, 2 3rds, and 30 and build better depth for the future and get some future starters out of it.
I expect the 49ers to not overeact to this silly idea of "last chance" and continue to go by their board, targeting a few players and getting them.
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I don't think I can predict the future on this draft, too many options for Baalke. But I do wish we could get that dominating center, those two or more blazingly fast wide receivers and finally overdraft the cornerback position and get at least 3 viable starting corners. I'm betting we end up trading back. I'd *love* it if we can trade up and get a top receiver like Mike Evans or some of the other big *and* fast receivers. Receivers that can do it all, go deep, go over the middle, and run block. Make it happen Baalke!! but I think Baalke ends up moving backwards and gaining an extra 2nd rounder and 3rd rounder in this draft and possibly an extra 2nd rounder and 3rd rounder next draft.
Whatever WR Baalke drafts will be the wrong one. Thats what i expect

Originally posted by CWin4949:
Absolutely our last chance with the current group.

Though they have a couple years left (of good production) players like Justin Smith, Ray McDonald, Frank Gore, Anquan Boldin are players that are getting long in the tooth and as each season passes they are all candidates to age over night and not be at their top rated playing levels.
Whether we lose both Crabtree and Iupati remains to be seen, but at time when both have developed into solid assets to the team, if both are lost and any combination of the fore mentioned players, the roster landscape changes drastically, throw in the fact that at some point this coaching staff is going to go through changes, it puts a new level of importance for the current team to achieve what they haven't been able to do the past three years.

I'm not saying that everything is going to fall apart after this season, but I do think this is the last season we will see all these players at the level they can attain a championship and also the coaching staff unchanged.

There's too much talent for this roster to go through a true rebuilding year, but with the loss of some of the leaders on the current roster, I do think we might *suffer* through a 9-7, or even 8-8 period.

We need to get the job done this season, just like Vernon Davis has already stated....

You named 4 guys on a 53-man roster, several of whom are likely to remain after this season (Ray McDonald is 29).

By your logic, every season is the last season with the current group. That's still way below average turnover for an NFL roster. Most of our core guys are young or in their prime and will remain for the foreseeable future: Kap, Aldon, Crab, Bowman, Willis, Vernon, Anthony Davis, Boone, Reid, Brock, etc.

The importance of this draft for the immediate future is vastly overstated. The Seahawks got almost no immediate production from their 2013 draft and still won the Super Bowl. The real importance of this draft is keeping us competitive for years to come.
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they may jump into the upper teens but they will not jump into the top ten or top 12. we got lots of picks but this regime , and for good reason, do not treat our picks like xmas candy or trick or treat candy to be handed out at will. i also am not in that group who think we could be 8-8 if we do not have a Aplus times infinity type of draft.

Originally posted by natrone06:
I expect the 49ers to not overeact to this silly idea of "last chance" and continue to go by their board, targeting a few players and getting them.

Exactly. Everyone needs to chill with this "last chance/closing window" nonsense and understand that we are set up to compete for years to come.

Our roster is significantly younger than almost every other perennial contender's.

Yes, Justin Smith is aging, but we went to a Super Bowl when he was basically rendered ineffective by the triceps injury. Plus, we drafted Tank Carradine with his eventual loss in mind.

Yes, Frank Gore is aging, but we have Kendall Hunter, Marcus Lattimore, and LMJ behind him. Plus, we could very well draft another back this year.

We are not on the verge of massive roster turnover. Not even close.
I'd be estatic with Cook in the 1st and Joyner in the 2nd. Would be a great start to the draft IMO.
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My high expectations today is that the 9ers come away with a starting CB.

The only receivers I would be satisfied with in the 1st round would be Odell Beckham or Sammy Watkins.
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I pulling for Latimer in the 1st or Moncrief in the 2nd as far as a receiver goes.
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