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Ollie Ols Final 2014 SF 49ers Mock Draft w/Trades

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1-30) SF trades 2014 first round pick to Cleveland for the Brown's 2014th 2nd round (35th overall pick)
and Cleveland's first pick in the 2015 draft.

Cleveland selects QB - Derek Carr, Fresno State.

2-35) Jason Verrett, CB, TCU - (from the Browns trade)

2-48) Cody Latimer, WR, Jr, Indiana
SF trades up with Baltimore and gives up the 56th overall (2nd round) pick and 170th overall pick (5th round)

2-61) Pierre Desir, CB, Lindenwood
3-77) D'Anthony Thomas, RB, Oregon
3-94) Deone Bucannon, SS, Washington State

3 - 100) SF trades 100th overall pick to Tennessee for the Titans 112th overall (4th rnd pick) and Titans 2015th 3rd round.

Tennessee selects QB - Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, Eastern Illinois

4-112) Daniel McCullers, DT, Tennessee (from the Titans trade)
4-129) Tyler Gaffney, RB, Stanford

5 - 170) Traded to Baltimore

7 - 242) Walt Aikens; CB - Liberty
7 - 243) Jeff Janis; WR - Saginaw Valley State
7 - 245) Jordan Lynch; QB - Nothern Illinois
You can't trade our comp pick #100
Kinda think De'Anthony Thomas is an even worse fit for us than LaMichael James is.

I like your idea for trading back and picking up a 2015 first, though--especially if we can still come away with Verrett, Latimer, Desir, and Bucannon.
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Not realistic at all - especially the 7th round picks.
Walt Aikens will definitely not be there in the 7th.
You really believe we can get the Browns 1st rd pick in 2015 to move back 5 slots? Maybe a 3rd. No way we can get a 1st, an early 1st at that. They have the 4th and 26th picks in rd 1. Why wouldn't they just draft their QB at 26?

You have us trading the #100 pick which is compensatory and can't be traded.

You have us drafting a 5th string RB in rd 3 and a 6th string RB in rd 4.

Did you think this through?
hahahahahahahahaha we get the browns first in '15 to drop from 30 to 35?
I dont hate this.. I would not be mad. But heres the problem..

Thomas is another LMJ that we cant use properly. If we take a RB he needs to be a big back.

Walt Aiken will be gone by the 7th.

You cant trade Comp picks.

And that would be the stupidest pick ever for the Browns to give up their 1st to move up 5 spots. Maybe their 2nd this year and their 2nd next year.... but again thats a huge maybe. They already have 2 picks in the 1st.
No way we trade down.
The Browns already have the #4 and 26 picks...why would they make that trade w/Niners...makes no sense. Trading w/Ravens at #17 does make sense.

Baalke grabs Dennard or Fuller at #17.

1st WR should be either Matthews or Adams. Their consistent production is key to replacing Crabtree.

Ellington over Thomas...proven SEC warrior w/speed, toughness, production and KR skills.

Agree, big RB is needed to in essence replace Dixon.

Trade doesn't make sense for the Browns. Like Latimer and Verrett picks.

IF we want Thomas for some reason he will be available in late 5th or 6th rd/rather have Hill from LSU.

No way Aikens makes it to the 7th.
I think if the 49ers draft a RB earlier then the 4th rd, it would be a mistake.

They still have Gore/Hunter/Lattimore for this year. Also Jewel Hampton and LaMichael James (if we don't trade him).

A 5th or 6th rd guy I'd be ok with, but I'm not as convinced that its a high priority need this draft.
Oh yes..and just say no to Oregon RBs
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Here's how I see it..

Houston - Clowney
ST Louis - Greg Robinson
Atlanta (trade w/ Jagz) - Khalil Mack

4) CLEVELAND - Sammy Watkins

26) CLEVELAND - CJ Mosely

30) Cleveland to get back to the 1st round and offer us their 2nd round and 2015 first round.. The Browns then select Derek Carr with the 30th overall pick..

... as for D'Anthony Thomas, I would not consider him a RB.. I would purposely use him in the return game and that slot back "david meggett/darren sproles" type of weapon.
Lol hell yeah we trade back 5 spots and pick up a first next year. f**k yeah. lol
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