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9ersLiferInChiago Mock Final mock

OK folks, I got the insanity out of my system. I still think we are gonna be aggressive with trades though, but I don't see us mortgaging 2015 draft. But we're just too close this year to not be aggressive.

1st (Trade up to 9th overall with Buffalo for this year's 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 7th)
WR – Mike Evans, 6-5, 231lbs, Texas A&M. 4-46 40
I still think we're gonna trade up to get Evans, and we have the picks to do it. I'm just not sold on drafting another WR who can't get off the LOS. We are gonna have to trade with the Bill and leapfrog the Lions to get this kid. Again, not even gonna go into his measurables. We know why we should trade up to draft him. We have the picks, the need, the guts, and the history of trading up to get homerun guys. With Mike Evens in on 3, 4 (and God help the defense) 5 wide this offense will be unstoppable. At first I didn't have us draft another WR 1st. But really looking at this it's hard for me to otherwise. We are really, REALLY close – closer than we've been in years. Choices at the WR position really showed it's weakness with this team in the playoffs. Would make the 46.

I think anything more than that would be too much. If the Bills want more picks than that then I say we find another trade partner or stay put at 30 and draft Allen Robinson or Justin Gilbert (if he falls) or Kyle Fuller.

2nd (Traded, from Alex Smith trade, 24th of the 2nd)
OLB – Kony Ealy, 6-4, 273lbs, Mizzou
I honestly think Elaly would fall to us here. Though we picked up Aldon's option I cannot see us bringing him back after his 5th. Besides, there WILL be a suspension from the league. In any event, we cannot afford to be without a passrusher. Would make the 46. If Ealy is gone by then I say we take Demarcus Lawrence, 6-3, 251lbs, Bosie State. Either of those two should be there at this point for us. (If we draft Ealy the competition to see between he and Cory Lemonier is gonna be epic, and I doubt Skuta would last if we draft Ealy.)

2nd Traded

3rd (13th of the 3rd)
SS – Deone Bucannan, 6-1, 211lbs, Washington State, 4.4 40
Realistically, Bethea is but a one or two year stop-gap, given his age (29, and soon to be 30). Been watching kid for a while. Had a very good combine (4.4 40, 125" broad, 19 reps on the bench, 36.5 vertical). This dude is an absolute real-deal HITTER! He's a throwback-type player, the type that JH loves. Special team standout. He forces a lot of fumble on crossing runners and is a real intimidator in the secondary. Will need to develop fluidity in his hips, but that's to be expected given he's a SS. Though he plays too upright it can be corrected with coaching. Also, while big hits are useful to be a good defense he needs to learn to break himself down more. But unlike Hitner Bucannan's ball skills are better than average for hard hitting SS, so in that way he'd be an improvement over Hitner. His techniques are fixable. We have to get this kid on this defense!! Would make the 46.

matt49er made the point that the fact that Bethea got not that much less than Hitner and how fast we pounced on him indicates HarBaalk valued Bethea over Hitner. I agree with that! But even though we signed Bethae to a 4 year deal I cannot see him playing out that deal given Bethae's age.

3rd Traded. (From Tennessee - 2013 draft-day trade, 30th of the 3rd)

3rd (Compensatory pick, cannot trade, 36th of the 3rd)
ILB – Shayne Skov, 6-1, 245lbs, Stanford
Don't look now folks but P. Willis is getting older. At 29 we need to start thinking for the future at that position. And with Bowman injured and not slatted to be back until after the season starts I think it's a must that we get a guy here. Skov, a Stanford kid with just the temperament and work ethic JH & Co. desires, is a perfect fit. Diagnoses plays and hits the gaps well, and fast. Supreme block shedder and hole puncher and run stuffer. I saw a VERY patient ILB on film (highlights), breaks himself down as a matter of habit. Sure, fundamentally and textbook tackler but at times lunges for tackles, something he picked up after a successful ACL recovery. Was a team captain on a pretty good Stanford defense. Will have to learn different alignments in Fangio's varied defense. Would make the 46.

4th (29th of the 4th)
RB – Terrance West, 5-11, 225lbs, Towson, 4.5 40
I don't care what anyone says, I still say we get a RB in this draft. I had us taking him in my first mock and I won't move from that. I cannot see Frank Gore playing past this upcoming season, so getting another rock pounder would be smart. (In fact, if Lattimore shows and proves vital to our offence as a potential bell-cow who can run and block I see Franks carries dropping considerably. If Gore retires like I think he will our RB corp will be Lattimore and Hunter. Big Dix is gone and, as I hear it, we're shopping LMJ (but I think we keep him). None of those guys left are power RB. West is a real between-the-tackles, balanced one-cut browser. Runs with anger. He could be our short yardage specialist that Dixon couldn't be. Will devote himself to football. In the NFC West this guy is gonna fit right in with his toughness. Like Frank, he runs behind his pads and use to running a heavy load. And, he's has very good hands. Finished 3rd in the Walter Paton Award. Has a good story, very hard worker and devotion to the game. Will have to get better at pass protection, but in the hands of one Tom Rathman West will learn. Would make the 53. Would not last on the PS. Lattimore, West and LMJ will be a nice 3-headed monster for the 49ers for years to come.

5th (Trade up ahead of Atlanta for a 5th and 7th)
QB – Logan Thomas, 6-6, 248lbs, Virginia Tech
This guy's draft status is all over the board, high as 3rd and low as 7th. Even with the addition of Gabbert I think we are still gonna draft a QB at some point in this draft. We just have to have a better option if Kaep go down. Logan Thomas could come in and at worse push Gabbert (and from what I hear it's no guarantee that Gabbert will even make the team). Been having my eye on this kid for a while. A former TE, so he's athletic but he's going to have to work hard. A top performer at the combine. Thomas would be a definite upgrade at the #2 or 3 QB spot. I think this kid would be a perfect fit for this team. Would need some work, but so did C. Kaep. Many of the same knocks that scouts have on him are many of the same they had on Kaep (especially accuracy), minus the throwing mechanics. I saw this kid throw at the combine and he looked pretty good to me. Throwing mechanics isn't his issue at all. Like Kaep, he's a tough kid, durable, and won't mind lowering his shoulders to deliver a blow when on the run. I wouldn't be surprised to see a team reach in the 4th for him. Would make the 53.

Traded to Jacksonville for Blaine Gabbert

7th (Seventh round: From New Orleans - Parys Haralson trade, 27th of the 7th)
C/G – Bryan Stork, 6-4, 315lbs, Florida State
The departure of Jonathan Goodwin necessitates us drafting a C in this draft. Stork will be a really good fit for the 49ers. This kid is very polished with his techniques (plays with "butt down, keeps his feet moving, and hands in front"), so I don't think the transition to the NFL would so difficult. Has an NFC west temperament. Very aware kid (recognizes and handles blitzes and stunts early in the play). THE leader on that Florida St. O-line. "Shoots his guns" good and violent. Establishes position very quick after the ball is snapped. Rarely gives up middle pressure. Very willing, mean down-field blacker; he can pull from the C and OG positions. Played both OG positions. He even practiced at tackle, so Stork will provide us with added flexibility along our O-line. From what I saw in his highlights he will need to gain better body control when pulling and blocking downfield, but that's fixable given his athleticism (played TE in high school). Would make the 46.

7th Traded (From Carolina - Colin Jones trade, 28th of the 7th)

7th Traded. (Seventh round: Own pick, 30th of the 7th)

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They can't forgo a cornerback for the entire draft and I don't see them doing it. Pretty much every position but WR can be considered less of a need than CB. Not sure how you can justify taking Ealy, Skov or Thomas who are basically luxury picks over a CB.

Make Ealy into Desir and its a little more feasible.
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where is our cornerbacks and we do not need a running back that high
His name is Mike Evans. And he went to A&M not Tech.
Not a good draft, no CBs and you traded so much to get a guy that adds no new dimension to our passing offense. We need speed, not another jump ball WR.
Originally posted by Travisty13:
His name is Mike Evans. And he went to A&M not Tech.

It's killing me that he keeps misspelling his name, Chicago, bro, what are you doing?
Not high on Mike Evans for us. Also are you saying Kony Ealy falls to the 24th pick in the second round? And Bucannon is there in the third round? I would certainly take those guys in those slots, but it'll never happen. Don't like Skov either. Need someone with more athleticism to fill the void for Bowman.
I can see Baalke trading up to maybe #17 (Ravens spot) he did w/Cowbags last year to get Reid. I'm hoping he gets Fuller or Dennard. Then he should get the best WR on the board in the 2nd. Matthews, Adams, Latimer...any of those guys would be legitimate replacements for Crabtree.

I like Bucannon, but not sure it's necessary to draft a S that high. Great spot for a pass rusher or a quick slot WR with KR skills like Ellington.

Instead of Skov (who's not healthy, BTW), either Bradford or Christian Jones have more speed/explosiveness.
Originally posted by Travisty13:
His name is Mike Evans. And he went to A&M not Tech.
Corrected. .
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Originally posted by Travisty13:
His name is Mike Evans. And he went to A&M not Tech.

lol this.

I refuse to take this seriously if you don't know the player's school or don't proofread.

Plus the Bucs not taking Evans at 7 would mean they either traded up for Manziel or already traded back because they want Beckham or Cooks. Right now the Bucs #2 is either Lavelle Hawkins or Louis Murphy, if they don't go WR at 7 then it better because they think they can get Lee, Benjamin, Latimer, or Matthews at 37.

Change #2 to Desir and #4 to Rob Herron and I really like it
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Some good players BUT where's the CB?

Too much to give up for Evans. We really need a very fast WR and we can get a taller WR later.
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
They can't forgo a cornerback for the entire draft and I don't see them doing it. Pretty much every position but WR can be considered less of a need than CB. Not sure how you can justify taking Ealy, Skov or Thomas who are basically luxury picks over a CB.

Make Ealy into Desir and its a little more feasible.

Agreed. CB is a bigger need than WR and we don't draft 1? We do use our 4th rd pick to draft a 5th RB? How many carries will he get behind Gore, Hunter, Lattimore and LMJ? I could see the trade up but not totally bypassing the CB position.
We would never get Evans for that little, get real.
I dont think this would be bad. I just dont know how realistic this is.

We need to take a CB tho.
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