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NFL considering having the 2015 draft 1-2 weeks LATER than this one even

Originally posted by mayo49:
Goodell is out of control.

The NFL is accountable only to themselves. When a sport stops listening to the public it's just a matter of time before there is a reaction. It's not just pushing the draft back, it's a cumulative build up. Seat Licensing? Sounds like something Bernie Madoff would come up with. Hey sucka pay me tens of thousands for the privilege of sitting in my Stadium. The public will become disenchanted and who knows maybe Soccer will become #1.
May was always a dead month for the NFL and they took a back seat to the NBA, the NHL and MLB during the month. Now they have a presence in May so Goodell can go head to head with the other leagues. Just stealing some thunder.
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What the hell is wrong with this guy.........somebody make Goodell disappear
It's already bad enough that it's been spread out to three days in May. I can't stand Goodell.
Originally posted by Youngone:
Deepest draft in a millennium next year, why wouldn't they drag that out?

So deep that they are thinking of adding two more rounds!
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What's the benefit of moving the Draft two weeks later, shoot or even in May??
It won't happen, too much backlash... Hell the NFL GM's were b***hing about it being where it is this year...
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What's so "Memorial" about that lame idea?!!

roger Badhell
GM's and head coaches have to convince their owners this would be a BAD thing. Owners then need to tell Goodell not just no, but hell no. With the CBA, coaches and players are already handicapped WRT time on the field.

They're killing the goose that laid the Golden Egg.
At some point, especially w/social media, you'd think they'd involve fans to get their opinions.
Originally posted by mayo49:
They want to extend it to Labor Day? They got to be out of their minds.

I don't think they get it! Most of America is traveling for the weekend for fun & games. The long winter is over and people want to be outside at the beach, Tahoe or just out having fun.

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