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did the espn highlight film where clowney blasted the michigan running back .....

overinflate his draft stock?

I mean it got shown over and over that im sure even scouts were affected by it...

i think a similar thng happened when penn st lb lavar arrington had an espn highlight film where he timed a jump into the backfield and tackled a back behind the line--espn showed that one over and over too..and arrington never lived up to his hype

clowney has measurables, but his production was down last year--some try to offer an excuse that he was double and even triple teamed but i look at draftbreakdown and see in the carolina game prospect james hurst seemed to handle him for most of the game by himself (clowney beat him a couple times that i saw)

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it blew him up in terms of media/fan attention but no, it didn't over-inflate his draft stock. Clowney is a physical freak who was double or triple teamed almost the entire year last year. His attitude has been questioned and honestly I don't know much about that but the guy has stud written all over him otherwise. His hype is deserved if you ask me.
I think in a way it did.
Look at the Jr's in this year's draft. Now all those guys were behind Clowney coming out of HS. Now realize people have been saying he could have came out of HS and still been a 1st round pick. The kid could be one of the best players in the league if he wants to be. Repeatedly playing a video on espn has changed that. All it did was make his name known to people who hadn't been informed yet.
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Guy is a freak of nature, was out of shape last year........head was getting to big from the hype
Clowney was not double and triple teamed all season long. He just did not practice or play nearly as well as he had in the past. He literally considered sitting out the year to protect his status after the overhyping of that play on top of his legitimately good first two seasons and high profile as the former number one prospect in high school. Spurrier actually worked out an agreement with him that he would not have to practice like the other players if he came back and played for him. His lack of preparation showed throughout the season, beginning with the first game against UNC where he got manhandled for most of the game by the LT and then took himself out of several plays while sucking wind.

He was neutralized one on one against Clemson LT Brandon Thomas, although he did log one sack when Tajh Boyd literally spun backwards into him as Thomas had him sealed upfield (Boyd was reacting to pressure from the other side when he should have just stepped up into the void left by Clowney when Thomas pushed him upfield).

A lot of opposing teams made the decision to run at Clowney due to his habit of showing a lack of discipline, as he would often run himself out of position. Otherwise, he spent much of the season getting into the kind of shape he should have been in at the end of August camp.

He is honestly a once in a decade physical freak, but his attitude and work ethic have been questioned for good reason.
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