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Which potential draft pick would have you buying there jersey ASAP?

To me it would totally be Verrett. But Deone Buchanon would also warrant a buy
Sammy Watkins
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There isn't a single player in this year's draft whose jersey I would buy after the draft, with the possible exception of Paul Richardson (because he has my last name). Unless something unusual happens, no prospect will step in and start as a rookie. Even Watkins would sit behind a healthy Crabtree and Boldin.

No way I'm gambling on a rookie CB's jersey. Mike Rumph anyone?
I rarely invest in a rookie jersey, especially before they even play a game. I was actually contemplating a Jenkins one but decided against it.
I just got my first two Nike jerseys. Home Reid, away gore. Last time I bought a rookies asap. It was crabs. I learned my lesson
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Did anyone else read this as three jerseys the first time you read the title?
Originally posted by mayo49:


Seastrunk if we happen to add another RB. Hometown guy and he went to Baylor.
nobody. you gotta make sure they can play first.
Mike Ockizard
decisions like this are how people end up with bozworth and mamula jerseys hanging in their closets.
Marcus Lattimore. He's essentially a rookie this year.
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