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ABs 2nd/Last WZ Collaborative Mock Draft- CIN(GoreFullBore) is OTC

I'm always interested and active in these. If you get more than 8 reliable GMs... I'm cool with taking just two teams of a division as well.
Why not?
I'm up for it, as long as there is a spot still open.
I'll take the Niners... and we trade EVERYTHING for Johnny Football!

JK. I'm in.

Give me the Green Bay Packers.
we have 15 members in, need one more, and we can have 2 teams each.

Go ahead and pick teams.

I'll take Vikings and Cowboys
jimrat - Rams
Birdie2Bogey - Chargers
NickSh49 - Packers
AB81 - Vikings and Cowboys

These are the taken teams with your name.
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I'll take the Steelers and Saints if they are still open. Of course I would love to draft for the Niners but I didn't want to be greedy lol.
[ Edited by GorefullBore on Apr 28, 2014 at 2:59 PM ]
Im in. Ill take Panthers, or whatever
still interested.

Browns/Lions please.
[ Edited by communist on Apr 28, 2014 at 3:11 PM ]

I'm fine and well versed with all of the teams by now, so I would take whatever crap that is left over.
I just randomed all the names and teams 7 times.

This is the result

Birdie2Bogey Browns
Karma Ravens
LamontB Titans
GoreFullBore Jets
BadgerHawk Raiders
HarboutTHAT Jaguars
DavidBoutte Broncos
ninermaniac Cardinals
jimrat Cowboys
Karma Bengals
LamontB Packers
HarboutTHAT Saints
JimHarbaugh Buccaneers
mutant-man49 Seahawks
Mr.McGibblets Texans
m_brockalexander Colts
NickSh49 Bears
BadgerHawk Chiefs
NickSh49 Eagles
DavidBoutte Falcons
communist Giants
communist Lions
Birdie2Bogey Chargers
TexasNiner Vikings
JimHarbaugh Steelers
ninermaniac Rams
GoreFullBore Patriots
mutant-man49 Panthers
TexasNiner Dolphins
Mr.McGibblets Bills
jimrat Redskins
m_brockalexander 49ers
Rams are shopping the 2nd pick.....3-8 range
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Washington doesn't have a 1st round pick
Draft Order:

Pick Team User
1 Texans Mr.McGiibblets
2 Rams ninermaniac
3 Jaguars HarboughtThat
4 Browns Birdie2Bogey
5 Raiders BadgerHawk
6 Falcons DavidBoutte
7 Buccaneers JimHarbaugh
8 Vikings TexasNiner
9 Bills Mr.McGiibblets
10 Lions communist
11 Titans lamontb
12 Giants communist
13 Rams ninermaniac
14 Bears NickSh49
15 Steelers JimHarbaugh
16 Cowboys jimrat
17 Ravens Karma
18 Jets GoreFullBore
19 Dolphins TexasNiner
20 Cardinals ninermaniac
21 Packers lamontb
22 Eagles NickSh49
23 Chiefs BadgerHawk
24 Bengals Karma
25 Chargers Birdie2Bogey
26 Browns Birdie2Bogey
27 Saints HarboughtThat
28 Panthers mutan-man-49
29 Patriots GoreFullBore
30 49ers m_brockalexander
31 Broncos DavidBoutte
32 Seahawks mutan-man-49
33 Texans Mr.McGiibblets
34 Redskins jimrat
35 Browns Birdie2Bogey
36 Raiders BadgerHawk
37 Falcons DavidBoutte
38 Buccaneers JimHarbaugh
39 Jaguars HarboughtThat
40 Vikings TexasNiner
41 Bills Mr.McGiibblets
42 Titans lamontb
43 Giants communist
44 Rams ninermaniac
45 Lions communist
46 Steelers JimHarbaugh
47 Cowboys jimrat
48 Ravens Karma
49 Jets GoreFullBore
50 Dolphins TexasNiner
51 Bears NickSh50
52 Cardinals ninermaniac
53 Packers lamontb
54 Eagles NickSh49
55 Bengals Karma
56 49ers m_brockalexander
57 Chargers Birdie2Bogey
58 Saints HarboughtThat
59 Colts m_brockalexander
60 Panthers mutan-man-50
61 49ers m_brockalexander
62 Patriots GoreFullBore
63 Broncos DavidBoutte
64 Seahawks mutan-man-49
65 Texans Mr.McGiibblets
66 Redskins jimrat
67 Raiders BadgerHawk
68 Falcons DavidBoutte
69 Buccaneers JimHarbaugh
70 Jaguars HarboughtThat
71 Browns Birdie2Bogey
72 Vikings TexasNiner
73 Bills Mr.McGiibblets
74 Giants communist
75 Rams ninermaniac
76 Lions communist
77 49ers m_brockalexander
78 Cowboys jimrat
79 Ravens Karma
80 Jets GoreFullBore
81 Dolphins TexasNiner
82 Bears NickSh51
83 Browns Birdie2Bogey
84 Cardinals ninermaniac
85 Packers lamontb
86 Eagles NickSh50
87 Chiefs BadgerHawk
88 Bengals Karma
89 Chargers Birdie2Bogey
90 Colts m_brockalexander
91 Saints HarboughtThat
92 Panthers mutan-man-51
93 Patriots GoreFullBore
94 49ers m_brockalexander
95 Broncos DavidBoutte
96 Vikings TexasNiner
97 Steelers JimHarbaugh
98 Packers lamontb
99 Ravens Karma
100 49ers m_brockalexander
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