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I think you are going to be surprised at how effective a tool like money can be used in motivating guys.
Clowney has all the tools to be a HOF IMO. Whether or not that happens is up to him, I believe it will once he gets into an NFL environment.

I think you'd be surprised how many guys playing football don't love playing football. I have some friends who played very high levels in college, and were teammates with a lot of future NFL players (QBs, WRs, CBs, Safeties). They have told me stories about how these guys were living on ability alone in college, and enjoyed the game only for the future riches and public notoriety. In every case, these guys never lived up to expectations in the NFL because they didn't have the heart and passion for the game.

I think you would be surprised how many of us at the WZ don't love our profession either.......we just do it for the money as well. I have heart and passion for what I do, and I'm good at it, but I do it for the money.

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