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Who's Going to Be the Big Bust In the Draft?

Kelvin Benjamin FSU WR
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Originally posted by JoseCortez:
Any wr the niners draft

Sadly I agree and my guess it will be Marques Lee
Hands down Manziel. I love watching the guy in college, but just don't see him making it in the bigs. He is slight of build, and tricky fast. Works great in college, but in the pros...Good luck to whoever drafts him. I think he will be a colossal disappointment. Even if he can make in the NFL, his off the field antics are eighth grade level. If we happened to draft him I would get physically ill. If the Texans screw up and take him, it will put their franchise back about 5 yrs. If a crappy team drafts him, it won't matter...they didn't have anything anyway. But fascinating as he is, johnny football's best shot would be to play permanently in college.
Originally posted by BobS:
I will go with Johnny Manziel. Too immature to deal when his sandlot style doesn't work in the NFL.

Totally agree.

Once he hits the NFL, it will just be a matter of time before he's exposed.
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Kelvin Benjamin !!!

Old for a rookie. Lazy. Has had weight issues. Only 84 career catches in College. Reminds me of a baby giraffe leaning to walk.
The high risk positions are qb and wr. Quarterbacks require a different skillset in the NFL, and wide receivers bat about .500 in the first round as to being worthy of that round.
Originally posted by mutant-man49:

Darqueze Dennard.
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Clowney, Watkins, Gilbert, Dennard, Beckham, Mack, Tuiit.... the list goes on (errryone!!).

Whomever the Raiders draft
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
Marqise Lee

This !!!!!
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Originally posted by theninermaniac:
Whomever the Raiders draft

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I'm not a fan of Bortles or Clinton-Dix. Bortles is a little too raw for my taste and Dix doesn't seem to have the ceiling you'd hope to see from a high draft pick
With that fragile body, Manziel will be dead or coughing out blood by end of year 3, so he is my pick
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