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Who's Going to Be the Big Bust In the Draft?

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1) manziel
2) kelvin Benjamin. I pray that the 49ers don't draft this guy.
3) bridgewater

Some of the other wr's too. Sooo many are being hyped and not all of them can be pro bowlers.
Originally posted by BobS:
I will go with Johnny Manziel. Too immature to deal when his sandlot style doesn't work in the NFL.

Sandlot style works for Russell.
Originally posted by mutant-man49:

How do you figure? Just curious.
I don't think Bridgewater and Carr will be very good.
Manziel =Teabow
I can see any of the top QB's just sucking. Don't think that about Clowney, the kid barely even tries and he's still good.
Timmy Jernigan and Clinton-Dix.

They are talented players, but I don't think they'll have the impact that you expect from 1st round picks. Aaron Donald is the prize at DT this year, IMO. At Safety, there's some depth behind HaHa that would make me pass on him.
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Bridgewater and Bortles.
Any wr the niners draft

Zack Martin

I don't think he's going to be the biggest bust in the draft, but I think he's rated way too highly and this is coming from a lifelong Notre Dame fan. He's a good pass blocker and has good technique, but he doesn't have the athleticism or length to play LT and doesn't have the length or strength to be an effective RT. He will probably need to move inside to guard which is a position he never played in college and I think using a 1st round pick on a guard who has not played the position before and may not be a great run blocker is a waste in this draft. His stock received a bump from being MVP in the Pinstripe Bowl, but I still think that was a career accomplishment award. Other people view him as a safe pick because of his durability and toughness, but I think he will be a mediocre guard in the league which is a bust if he's taken in the top 20.

Some of the QB's have the biggest chances of being complete busts and not even starting for a team and I have the least faith in Bridgewater of the top 4 QB's.
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Manziel & Bridgewater.
Brandon Cooks, small, short arms, and isn't as fast as as everyone thinks. Even if he was Id still think he could be a bust
Rasheed Hageman. Questionable work ethic.
Originally posted by wailers15:
Clowney i feel if he goes anywhere out of the south, but i think benjamin. Watched a lot of FSU games and man this guy screams bust. He literally dogs it too much. Especially on running plays. He tips his hat. Teddy B too. Way overrated. Just another good college qb but doesn't mean he will be a good nfl qb

I think Clowney and Benjamin are to gifted to fail. Benjamin might be considered a bust for a 1st round prospect but if he has some one that will throw it up to him like Cutler or a farve I think he can be a solid #2
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