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TheNinersMan Mock Draft 1.0

1st Round - Marqise Lee - WR - USC
2nd Round - Pierre Dessir - CB - Lindenwood
2nd Round - Jordan Matthews - WR - Vanderbilt
3rd Round - Deon Bucannon - SS - Washington St.
3rd Round - Will Clarke - DE - West Virginia
3rd Round - Shayne Skov - ILB - Stanford
4th Round - Bryan Stork - C - FSU
5th Round - Storm Johnson - RB - UCF
7th Round - Spencer Long - OG - Nebraska (Redshirt for a season)
7th Round - Marcus Williams - CB - North Dakota State
7th Round - Tyler Starr - OLB - South Dakota

I think we will sign Kaep to an extension this summer and we will draft a back-up QB next year or we will pick up someone like Tahj Boyd or Stephen Morris as an UDFA. I didn't make any trades because they are too difficult to predict but obviously Baalke will make trades for future picks and players that fit our teams scheme.

Don't be too harsh
Good draft not a fan of lee but he could be great and if he is then I'm all for it. I don't know if Jordan, Buchannon, Starr, Stork last that long. Buchanan and Matthews are probably a early day 2 picks. And Lee hopefully can break the USC receivers sucking in the pros trend. Also don't like Desir as the corner to come in. A project player who probably won't be ready to start by week 1 and he is more of a outside corner which I can see Brock going to nickle for nickle package. That said we could have a great pull with all these picks.
I agree. I think I went a little too much "on-the-radar" for my picks and a lot of these guys will be gone by the time we pick, but I think we will move up to grab some of them. I really like Desir, Matthews and Bucannon so we may need to move up into the 2nd round again to grab one of those guys earlier.
Would be a nice draft if the players fell to us like this.

Probably pass on your picks from rd 4 on. Not sure Stork would make the team barring a preseason injury. He would have to beat out Snyder, Looney or Martin.

Don't see a need this season for another RB in rd 5, we have 4 pretty good ones already.

Marcus Williams CB in rd 7 would be in great danger of following Marcus Cooper 7th rd pick last year to another team after we cut him. We have Brock, Culliver, Cook,locked in with your pick Desir. That makes 4 locks. He would be competing with vets like Cox and Morris amongst others for the 5th and possibly 6th spot as a rookie.

Same with Tyler Star OLB in the 7th. Along with our starters Smith and Brooks we have Lemonier and Skuta he would have to beat out to make the roster. Not likely so barring injury he would be cut as well in hopes of stashing him on the practice squad and another team would probably nab him.

I would rather go after pup list guys like G Brandon Thomas or CB Aaron Colvin, Safties Whitley or Sunseri, FB Millard or go after a position that is more open like PR in the 4th like DRi Archer or maybe a higher rated CB in the 4th. That or trade the picks for future picks a round earlier.
I like Buchanan a lot. I think he could be a special player in a couple years in our system. But with Aldon probably gone after this season I don't think we have the luxery of picking a developemental safety early in the draft. Now it's more likely we get a pass rusher early in the draft or a run stopping OLB to sub in for run plays and have lemonier come in for passing downs.
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starr doesn't look like a nfl-quality player to me.
Sorry, but any mock starting with Lee is an absolute kick in the nuts....

Don't want....
Originally posted by CWin4949:
Sorry, but any mock starting with Lee is an absolute kick in the nuts....

Don't want....

I like your mock...but I'd say Baalke may want to get a better CB in addition to Desir than wait 'til the 7th rd. One cautionary note WRT STorm Johnson...he had a fairly significant fumbling problem in college. Baalke could take him if he's confident Rathman can coach him up/out of that issue. I know he and Harbaugh have a lot of faith in TR, so we'll see. Overall, though, I think you did a very good job, man. A lot better than many I've seen...but the BL is we really don't know what TB will do, but I think it's safe to say it should be exciting.
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