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A healthy Lattimore and Carradine are equal to a draft pick in 2014 where?

Given we already have 6 picks in top 100 (Hawks only 2) and Lattimore and Carradine (and even Dial)

via twitter:

Pete Damilatis @PFF_Pete
Pro Football Focus Analyst and Writer.

"Carradine I'd go late 1st. Lattimore still mid-rounds b/c of the injury history."

Benjamin Allbright @AllbrightNFL
Director of Scouting of

"I liked both. Carradine likely in same spot, Lattimore certainly would've gone higher."

Dan Shonka @Ourlads_Shonka
Former NFL Scout w/ Eagles,Redskins,Chiefs,Now GM & National Scout for Ourlads'NFL Scouting Services

"Carradine healthy would have been in the 1st rd. Lattimore a solid 2nd"
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They were drafted where they were drafted... kind of pointless to debate that now
It's unanimous to say that both are 2nd Round talents at worse. 1st at best. Just from a projection standpoint. We still have to see what they do on the field. But when you add them with three to four more 1st-to-2nd-round talents after this upcoming draft... boy who wouldn't be excited? If we went into the 2014 season with young talents like Lattimore, Carradine, Fuller/Verret, or Cooks/Adams/Moncrief, -- Deone Bucannon... my god, how exciting would that be? Especially following the progress of Patton and McDonald.
The point is more realizing what we are "adding to the table" with healthy players, plus draft picks, this year.

In thinking in terms of Seattle, they aren't adding these kinds of pieces....

What is the added value of these guys? This adds to our many draft picks (ie this is equivalent to two first rounders, 3 2nd rounders)?
Both would've been in the mid-late 1st range, with Lattimore doing the usual RB slip. At worst, early 2nd rounders.
I think both would get taken around the same spot. This draft is much stronger than last year's. Cooks is at least as good as Austin but could be around at 30. Lewan could've been the top pick last year but probably won't be taken in the top 10. I like Tuitt a lot more than Carradine and he's being projected around the same spot. Lattimore may have gone slightly higher this year if he showed he was fully recovered but teams would still be scared of his injury history.
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Carradine - late 1st early 2nd

Lattimore - Mid 2nd
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Both first round talents

How healthy is healthy? 100 percent, 85 percent? Much would depend on if they have returned to previous form.
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