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30th Pick: Whoa! Both Brandin Cooks and AND Jason Verrett are available. What do you do?

30th Pick: Whoa! Both Brandin Cooks and AND Jason Verrett are available. What do you do?

Neither...take Fuller. Reason I say that is if Baalke takes Cooks he could miss out on Matthews, Adams or one of the other big WR's because he'll likely pick a CB, maybe another position early. I think it's critical he drafts Crabtree's for that reason I'm hoping CB first (Fuller projects more versatility, has long arms and has ST value), then one of the big WR's. TB can take Ellington to get that quick slot guy later.
Verrett. Best cover corner in the draft will upgrade our secondary big time especially with the amount of time spent in nickel.
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I am drafting Verrett.

We need quality CBs badly... particularly a solid NCB. I like Cooks just fine, but how much would he even see the field this year? and what about Patton if Cooks did see the field instead? I think we can draft a solid speed WR in the mid rounds... but as for NCB in those rounds, it gets less.. appealing.
A sure first round pick or a borderline one who we might be able to get in the second round? Not really a difficult decision.
Originally posted by 49ers808:
Take either, then trade back up using a 2nd, 3rd and 5th to get the other

This would be ideal for me, getting both would be awesome. But if you can only get one, with the makeup of our team right now, we need the CB more.
Cooks hands down
CB is a bigger need this year. WR is a need but we can afford to go second round on someone who might take a year to develop.
Originally posted by mayo49:
Verrett, Cooks is too short.

Well played...the battle of the 5'10" guys.
Verrett easily we already have Boldin Crabtree Patton LLoyd Baldwin at receiver we lost Whitner Brown Rodgers maybe Culliver in the secondary.
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Originally posted by wailers15:
Cooks hands down

Originally posted by genus49:
I definitely don't think he plays as fast as his 40 but he's certainly fast enough. I think what throws people is a lot of the deep throws by the QB show Cooks having defenders around him. Highlight watchers like to see guys break away big time and walk in for TDs.

Problem with that is you need a QB who can throw the ball in front of you. I'd be thrilled to have Cooks on this team but as I said above I think the drop from Cooks to the next receiver isn't as big as it is from Verrett to the next guy.

So if we have to pick a shorty give me Verrett. Guy is a ballhawk tough sob and he has dreads so you know he's good ;)

I see nothing wrong with your logic. I prefer cooks personally, but agree there is more depth at WR than CB.
Neither we should take S.Tuitt
The Lions drafted a receiver #1 2003-05, they were Charles Rogers, 2 overall, Roy Williams at 7 and Mike Williams at 10. It's a position where it's easy to make a mistake. Cooks looks really good but so did AJ. Baalke is accurate on the defensive side when it comes to the draft. He's also good locating defensive backs. I think the defensive back would be a safer pick. The way this team is set up a receiver taken at 30 will see little PT.
CB is the bigger need for this season. A rookie receiver would be 2nd string at best. We need rookie receivers for the future with Crabtree having his contract up next year and Lloyd as well and Boldin in 2 years. Receivers generally take a year or so to develop so we need to start the process this season.
Since we have so many picks and the roster is already loaded isn't is possible to get both? example make trades to pick twice in the 1st round or stay close to 30 and move up to the top of the 2nd round to get both?
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