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DraftCountdown's latest mock draft (3-rounder)

Originally posted by VPofCarnage:
I'd be drooling over the prospect of Louis Nix at 42 & Jordan Matthews at 60.
gonna need replacements for Aldon and Justin Smith.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
gonna need replacements for Aldon and Justin Smith.

I don't know. I think the Niners are screwed without Aldon Smith anyway. He's the best thing the Niners have going even with his off-field antics.

I think they should live or die with the boozehound. Maintain a nasty pass rush or go down with the ship.
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Originally posted by JimHarbaugh:
Originally posted by VPofCarnage:
I'd be drooling over the prospect of Louis Nix at 42 & Jordan Matthews at 60.

I like me some Louis Nix. But as long as Tomsula is running the ship it is not gonna happen.

At the listed figure of 6-1, 297, Dorsey seems small for the nose tackle position, which is typified by players like 300-pound behemoths, Casey Hampton and Vince Wilfork. But for their scheme, the 49ers want defensive linemen who can move, and Dorsey, who has started six games for San Francisco, has the requisite lower body strength and can play with excellent bend and leverage.

"We play the nose guard position differently," Tomsula said. "The only fat guy I want in there is me."

Timmy Jernigan would be an excelent fit.
Marcus Lee I'd rather move up for ODB JR if at all possible. (I'd take Lee in the 2nd)

Breeland should be available with one of our 3rd rd picks.

Stinson is projected as a 4th-5th rd pick

If we aren't going to make any trades with our 1st 6 picks I hope we come out with 2CBs and 2WRs

I really hope it doesn't go down like this...I don't think any of those players would start this year.
Originally posted by hofer36:
Originally posted by T-9ers:
Not sure why people don't like Lee. People said the same thing about Keenan Allen last year and they were all wrong.

some people like to downgrade him because he is a usc receiver, but those who do should not forget that robert woods, another usc receiver, had a good rookie year for the bills

People are ridiculously superstitious like that for some reason. USC is putting receivers in the pro's, they may not all pan out, but a previous receivers career has no affect on what Marquis Lee will do or not do. That type of reasoning has about as much validity as picking a QB from Notre Dame because #16 also went there.
Would not be happy with this draft.
My reservation w/Lee is can he stay healthy, something he struggled with at USC. My guy is still Matthews, who has the size, speed, consistency and work ethic to be successful as Crabtree's potential replacement.

Breeland is one of the guys Baalke this makes good sense.

I'd take Will Clarke or DeAndre Coleman before Stinson. Both Clarke and Coleman have good all-around games while Stinson lacks good pass rush ability.

No problems w/Murphy who could be the first Stanford player in the Harbaugh era.

Sims looks good...nice combination of power and speed and is a fine receiver, as well.

Colvin...not big enough, especially for his reckless abandon style of play. At @ 177-180, he's not stout enough to take NFL punishment, IMHO. Better options would include Pierre Desir and Jaylen Watkins.
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