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DB's Final Mock

1(30) Jason Verrett-CB TCU, without projecting a small trade up I think this is the most realistic player we can expect to be available and fill a huge need. Slot Corner is filled

2(56) Paul Richardson-WR Colorado-another realistic projection for a player that adds a speed element to the offense

2(61) Deone Buchanon-SS Wash St-the depth of this draft allows us to draft Bethea replacement and solidify our DB depth

3(77) Marcus Smith-OLB Louisville-even if Aldon figures things out you can't have enough pass rushers

3(94) DaQuan Jones-DT Penn St-Cowboy and McDonald can't play forever

3(100) Brandon Thomas-OG Clemson-injured but can replace Iupati, won't effect this years 53

4-Dri Archer-KR/WR- LMJ is gone and while some project Archer to go higher I think this a reasonable projection, might be a fun toy on offense as well. Wasn't that what LMJ was supposed to be

5-Aaron Colvin-CB Ok St-injured, redshirt year, 2nd rd'er b4 injury, won't effect 53

6-Blaine Gabbart

7- Trey Millard

7-traded for 2015 6th

7-traded for 2015 6th

I don't consider ILB a pressing need, I think we will sign another QB as an UDFA, don't think we draft a Center to compete, I believe the draft to address immediate needs and to potentially replace the big 4(Aldon, Iupati, Crabtree, kap) but we kap isn't going anywhere
For the record, I believe one or more of these players will be there at 30

M Lee
Beckham Jr

Verrett is the one I'm the most confident will be there
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everybody there can play, and play well.
Not bad.
It may be a little too early to draft G Thomas. I would imagine we could get him in the 4th and maybe even the 5th round. I would risk him still being there at the end of the 4th round if I was going to draft him.

Torn on taking a SS so high. Before we signed Bethea no problem but now that we have him a draft pick could sit for 3 or more years. We could probably develop a later draft pick or even wait till next year to draft a successor.
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I like it.
So many people with verrett as the pick........
You can swap archer and Thomas 3rd and 4th
Nice draft, I like the way you added the muscle in the 3rd round picks.
I'd prefer someone with more athleticism and pass rush ability to go on and replace Justin Smith or Ray Mcdonald.

Originally posted by theninermaniac:
So many people with verrett as the pick........

maybe it's because he's the best cover corner in the draft and we want to upgrade our secondary?
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