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4/22 mock draft final version

Trades: 49ers trade their 30th and 56th overall picks to Baltimore in exchange for the 17th pick overall.
49ers trade their 77th 129th Lamichael James and a conditional pick in 2015 if James gets 500 total yards to Jacksonville for their 39th pick.

Draft overlook: With Aldon's and Cully's off field issues the draft plan has to be altered. You lose the luxury picks you had being able to go BPA earlier in the draft. With that said I think the 49ers will be fine without Aldon but selecting depth at OLB is a need now. Skuta and Lemonier played well last year and his impact won't be missed. Culliver is the one I see effecting us more the depth behind cully and Brock is cause for concern. Due to the legal system it looks like Culliver won't be getting punished for his off field stupidity until next season when his contract is up. After this year he can be another teams off field headache.


17. Jason Verrett CB TCU - traded up to grab someone who could fall to us at 30? Yes! We did it last year with Reid plenty of people thought he was a 2nd round safety. So this team will trade up and select the player they covet and avoid the risk of letting another playoff team to move up and grab him. I was thinking Fuller would be a great pick aswell but I prefer verrett. Fuller projects to be an outside corner in the NFL and for next season we need a great nickle corner and that's why I chose Verrett.

39. Martavious Bryant WR Clemson - An outside receiver who can stretch the field which is desperately needed. This also opens it up for Boldin to work out of the slot where I think he had great success at last year. If Bryant wasn't on Clemson would he have been a higher rated receiver because he wasn't splitting receptions with the best receiver in the draft? Would he even be this highly rated if he wasn't facing 1 on 1 coverage all year? In my non expert opinion he is worth a risk that if it wasn't for Watkins he woulda been a higher rated reciever.

61. Marcus Smith 3-4 OLB Louisville - This is the luxury pick that could have gone with a future safety or another defensive lineman. With that said Marcus Smith is a good pass rusher with a good motor and fantastic closing speed. When he is near the QB He flashes his great acceleration. I see him as more of a strong side linebacker which would be great to get depth behind Brooks and let Lemonier and Skuta battle it out for our blind side pass rushing spot.

94. Phillip Gaines CB Rice - I really hate just drafting 4.3 speed corners but Gaines brings great atheleticism and size and after a year with Our coaching staff he might be our outside corner opposite of Brock after Culliver is shown the door. If he can bulk up a little and learn to hold up a receiver in his first year then next year corner isn't as pressing of a need. Also needs to become more willing of a tackler to play on our D.

100. Dri Archer OW Kent State - With LaMichael James Traded we need a new special teams returner and this guy is special. I am back and forth on using a 3rd rounder on a special teamer but if he can be half as good as Hester was for the bears then it is worth it. Plus if we win the Super Bowl this year and some college comes in and hires Roman as the head coach maybe we will get an offensive coordinator who actually knows how to utilize special players in space....

170. Will Clarke 3-4 DE West Virginia - I have seen Clarke drafted as high as 2nd round to 6th round so don't blast me if this to much of a reach. Finally able to get to the reloading of our defensive line. Clarke does a great job in run defense sets the edge and makes runners run inside. Gives up on his pass rush once his first move fails which is something that can be coached out of him. Again he has great talent and good size but would be excited if he lasted this long but wouldn't be surprised if he was gone by this pick.

242. Vinnie Sunseri SS Alabama - he was the most athletic safety last year for Alabama (sorry Dix) until he tore his ACL. He ran a 4.48 at the Alabama pro day (so probably somewhere in the 4.5s) on a knee that wasn't totally healed. Smart football player with a great motor not a Matheiu or Joyner kinda motor but damn close. Could PuP list to IR like we did Tank last year and see who wins out next year for the starting SS spot.

243. Brandon Thomas OG Clemson - feel horrible for this kid would have been a 2nd or 3rd round pick then tears his ACL. But his loss will be our gain as we gain another IR specialty who could come in and replace Iupati next year which is looking less likely cause Aldon is saving us lots of money.

245. Colt Lyerla TE Oregon - Yes I would still draft a player with off field issues even after this off season. I do miss getting BR team stream updates that was good news like when Alex Smith was helping search for the little girl. Unfortunately that kinda stuff barely makes a bleep on the media radar. And Lyerla is a great talent who would win the 3rd TE spot on our team and if McDonald doesn't improve could unseat him for the number 2 spot. And that's value in the 7th round. And I'm guessing the 49ers are going to be watching their players in the off season a little harder now.

Undrafted free agents: hard to predict who goes undrafted. But if these guys go undrafted I would actually want to see the 4th quarter of a preseason game.
Ricardo Allen CB Purdue
Stephon Morris QB Miami
Spencer Long OG Nebraska
Trey Hilliard Joker Oklahoma
James Stone C Tennessee
Ladamian Washington WR Missouri

Depth Chart for 2015

QB: Kaepernick, Gabbert, Bethel-Thompson, Morris#
RB: Gore, Lattimore, Hunter, Hampton#
FB: Miller, Hilliard@
WR1: Crabtree, Lloyd
WR2 : Boldin, Bryant, Jacobs#
WR3 : Patton, Archer, Washington#
TE : Davis, McDonald, Lyerla
LT : Staley, Martin
LG: Iupati, Looney, Thomas@
C : Kilgore, Seymour, Stone#
RG: Boone, Looney, Long@
RT : Davis, Martin, Bycowski#

LDE : Carradine, McDonald, Dial
NT : Williams, Dorsey, Dial
RDE : Smith, Clarke, Dial, Okoye#
LOLB : Brooks, M. Smith
MLB : Willis, Bowman*, Wilhoite, Moody
ROLB : A. Smith*, Lemonier, Skuta
CB1 : Culliver*, Cook, Allen#
CB2 : Brock, Gaines, Morris#
CB3 : Verrett, Wright
FS : Reid, Dahl, Spillman
SS : Bethea, Sunseri@, Ventrone
LS : McDermott
P : Lee
K : Dawson
Returner : Archer

* = player could miss time this year.
@ = redshirt his first year on IR
# = Practice Squad

Hit me up with the feedback negative or positive don't matter.

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Bryant is this year's Stephen Hill. Tall with speed but raw as hell and one dimensional. Perfect recipe for a bust.

With the depth at the position there are a lot better options there.
Not going to argue with you on that. And I stated it was a risk but I think drafting a WR is always a risk unless it's a top 10 pick (then it's only a risk for the raiders) but Byrant has boom/bust written all over him. Hope for the best plan for the worst with him
I would rather go Fuller and let Morris be the slot CB but overall I could live with this draft.
Thats a huge jump for a slot CB. I would rather have Fuller there and have cully play the slot.

Bryant scares me. I could see him being a flop. Yeah hes big and fast, but so was Stephen Hill and Jonathan Baldwin .. and countless others like Bryant.

Marcus Smith is a stud tho.
I flip flopped on Fuller and Verrett. But if Verretts only negative is 1 inch then I will gladly take that. Size at corner is a trendy thing but I remember watching Lenny Walls playing corner for the broncos and getting lit up years ago and he was criticized for being to tall for his position. Funny how trends change.
Verrett is a fine pick. The kid is a baller. If we can get either him or Fuller in the first I'd call it a successful pick.
Slot corners are pretty much starters in this day and age of spread offenses. I haven't seen cully play slot corner before if he could then I would still go Verrett cause his game tape is better than Fullers.
Originally posted by Hysterikal:
Slot corners are pretty much starters in this day and age of spread offenses. I haven't seen cully play slot corner before if he could then I would still go Verrett cause his game tape is better than Fullers.

Cully has played a lot of slot.
When? Carlos Rogers played the slot his first 2 season and he came in and played outside during nickle situations. In college Cully played safety and outside corner.

Don't think we can make the move up from #77 all the way to #39 for a late 4th and LMJ plus a conditional pick. Most boards show Bryant going in the 3rd round. You might get him at #77 without moving up. There are better receiving options. As you say he has boom or bust written all over him. I don't want to roll the dice at #39.
Originally posted by genus49:
Bryant is this year's Stephen Hill. Tall with speed but raw as hell and one dimensional. Perfect recipe for a bust.

With the depth at the position there are a lot better options there.

REALLY!.....not even close.
Carradine over McDonald in the depth chart I see....
I like McDonald don't get me wrong but I hope carradine blows up in preseason and we can't not start him. Plus with Aldon probably out we may need a stronger pass rusher.
All those picks traded away to #17 to get Verrett?? Wow. Do you realize many teams most likely wouldn't consider taking him 'til rds 2-3, earliest. Why? He's not that big...say all you want about covering slot WR's, he'd arguably have a hard time physically dealing w/NFL. I'd say if Baalke does trade up in 1st rd, he might go after Fuller, but even that shouldn't cost nearly as much as #17.

Before I'd draft Bryant, I'd take Matthews or Adams. Both are considerably more proven WR's. Look at their numbers compared to Bryant. Your 1st WR chosen should be someone who can replace Crabtree, who'll arguably be the 1st starter leaving. Bryant has potential, but is a ways back in terms of production and polish.

Love Marcus Smith...think he'll be a stud OLB.

Gaines...his weakness is run support, definitely not a good thing in the NFC West. Breeland or Desir (who both have fine all-around games) would be better options.

Archer's too small...speed is great, but with Herron & Ellington out there, each with @ 20+ lbs more muscle, I like their chances for NFL success a lot more than Archer's.

Rest of the picks are fine.
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