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Which Player Will It Be?

Every year we seem to have one draft prospect that does something absolutely stupid that does something to affect his draft stock (Example Alfonso Dennard) and we all just shake our head being so close to the draft. Will it happen this year? If so who?
I'm sure you're looking for a 1st/2nd round type prospect but Kelcy Quarles and Victor Hampton have certainly impacted their draft stock already.
Loucheiz Purifoy is my guess.
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these guys get a little money from their agent and go crazy.
Originally posted by AB81Rules:
Loucheiz Purifoy is my guess.

It's amazing how stupid some of these guys get when they should appreciate all the opportunity they have. Even after they reach the NFL some keep being stupid. It would be nice if they all had to go make a living in the real world for a few years to give them some perspective before hitting the NFL. Even the NFL min is huge compared to what most people make.

And here you go... The winner is Bradley Roby
Originally posted by NC49erfan82:

And here you go... The winner is Bradley Roby

Roby didn't do anything wrong. He was asleep in his car with an alcohol level one tenth the limit. There were no charges. That doesn't qualify as "absolutely stupid."
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I read that he was sitting in his car when police arrived and that he cooperated fully with the officers. When he was tested his BAC was.008 the legal limit is .08 so he's guilty of sitting in his vehicle with a BAC 1/10 the legal limit.
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