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Mock Draft v4.0 (w/ Big Trade Idea)

49ers Trade 56, 61 and 129 (4th Round) picks for pick in 18-22 range and 6th Round Pick

1st Round: WR Odell Beckham Jr. LSU 5'11" 198
Explosive WR gives 49ers badly needed vertical threat and playmaker with ball in his hands.

1st Round: CB Jason Verrett TCU 5'9" 189
Tenacious CB that has all the tools except can stand to be a couple inches taller.

3rd Round: OLB Marcus Smith Louisville 6'3" 251
Gifted pass rusher with long arms and above average athleticism.

3rd Round: [Trade for 5th Round Pick and 2015 2nd Round Pick]
Could go for a WR or another CB here as well.

3rd Round: DL Dominique Easley Florida 6'2" 288
1st round talent who tore ACL and can play 3-4 DE on base downs and jump inside on passing downs. Ray McDonald's eventual replacement.

5th Round: OG Brandon Thomas 6'3" 317
Arguably top interior OL who also tore ACL. Potential replacement for Iupati.

5th Round: CB Aaron Colvin Oklahoma 5'11" 188
Incredibly talented CB - 2nd round talent - who can redshirt for a year and step in to compete for meaningful playing time in 2015.

6th Round: S Craig Loston LSU 6'0" 217
Strong, heady player with above average measurables. Can be special teams ace and eventually replace Bethea.
Wouldn't be mad at that draft.

Couple thoughts though:

It's a matter of taste, but I would prefer bigger players with our top picks. I like both those players just fine, but I think if we're going for 2 first round picks we could get guys with size and skill. Maybe Evans and Roby or something.

Also I don't think Loston will be there in the 6th. I like the the choice, just think we'd have to act earlier for that to happen.
Wouldn't mind this at all...Like the idea of getting picks for next year. I like the idea of getting injured players with talent, but 3 players that won't contribute this year?? We need some impact players this year.
Forget Loston in the 6th rd. Probable 3rd rounder maybe 4th rounder. The rest of the draft is ok but we could avoid trading up for Beckham and draft 2 WR's with our 2nd rd picks and draft another player in the 4th rd. We will all see soon enough what Baalke has in mind for us.
I would love this. Good job.
you're dreaming son.
Where have I seen this before..
Although I feel when all is said & done, Montcrief will be the best receiver to come out of this draft, Beckham could be a MAJOR contributor from day one. Excellent pick.

Verret would blanket slot receivers like a Welker. He'd be a solid pick for years to come.

LOVE getting picks for next season AND stashing some for a year. since only, IMO, 4-6 player will make our very well stacked roster.

Yet, I'd still like to pick up 1-2 more guys to contribute today instead of tomorrow.

BUT if it went down like this - I'd be very happy.
would love this. i like the idea of getting two picks into the 1st
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