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NFL Draft Date Change

NFL Draft Date Change

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For as long as I've been a fan of the NFL the draft as always been at the end of April.
Now with moving it back almost two weeks how do you feel about it?

Also how will this affect the NFL?

Peter King had an interesting take on how it really isn't fair to the the players coming into the league losing nearly two weeks of study / training to get ready for the season. Especially Quarterbacks needing to learn an offensive system.

Personally I think it's dumb and hope they move it back to April next year.
Yeah I agree, especially now since you made those points about less study and practice time for the players. I didn't even think about that before. I just hated it because it made me wait longer to see who will become new 49ers. For me the NFL draft is like how Christmas is to a 5 year old. I ain't trying to wait two more weeks! I want my gifts now dammit! I hate you Goodell
I hate waiting the extra two weeks as well. The only thing that I can think of that benefits the teams and players is that there is extra time to scout and make sure they have done proper background checks and possibly research and workout guys that might otherwise be skipped over. But I feel like if you can't put in the appropriate amount of time scouting and researching and you desperately needed an extra two weeks to prepare for the draft then maybe you shouldn't be leading and NFL franchise.
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I don't like it, but maybe as a coach it would give me a longer offseason which I would like.
The stated reason the NFL moved it back to May was because Radio City Music Hall was reserved for other purposes...I think that's kind of weak and they should've been able to find another suitable venue to keep it in late April. Hopefully they'll move it back...agree w/Peter King, it not only penalizes the rookies from beginning their learning curve, it also makes it tougher on the coaches.
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if it's two weeks of interviewing and psych testing, i'm fine with that. weed out all the aldon heads.
Just like most things Darth Goodell does, I hate it.
hate it because it takes even longer to get here.

f**k you goodell
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