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Are the 49ers justified in a trade up for Justin Gilbert?

Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
That is a big difference. One guy improved, the other guy regressed and looked downright awful at times. Saying that he'd look better with a better front seven isn't saying much either, EVERY CB would look better with a better front seven, that goes for Dennard and Verrett as well as Roby and every other CB in the draft.

That's my point, every cb looks better with a better front seven. We don't have to invest a lot of picks to move up to get Gilbert when we could move up less and still get a good player. I know you don't like Roby as an example, but say we get Verrett or Fuller instead while using less valuable picks to move up. I'd rather give up less early round picks and get a good to great player then blow our picks on a corner with just as many weaknesses and flaws as the corners later in the round.
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
I seriously doubt we pick WR with our 1st. It should be CB.

It should be whomever of the 2 gives us the better player. How on Earth do you think a team not desperate for a QB should pass on possibly much better players and draft by position is beyond me. This isint a video game.
I think if they trade up, it is for Gilbert. He has the athleticism that the secondary really needs. He may be a bit raw in coverage skills, but we do have one of the best DB coaches in the league. I think Donatell would make a star out of him in the Patrick Peterson mold.
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