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Crazy's moderately probable Mock Draft 4/1

Excellent presentation, I've been judging Verrett by his lack of height, however, the Zone has changed my thinking. He could turn out to be special. Jerry Jones needs picks so that could be an option.

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I like the mock, would alter the trades a bit.
Baalke moved up 13 slots last year in the 1st round for a 4rd rd pick. This year we are moving up 7 spots for a 3rd and a 6th. Baalke can make the move for a 3rd and possibly a 4th. No need to throw in an extra 6th. P.S. you traded our 6th rd pick to 2 teams, Dallas and KC.

The trade for Claiborne. a 2nd, 5th and conditional 4th-6th. If the Cowboys are ready to move him we could get him for the 2nd rd pick alone. If they are not we couldn't get him anyway.

Lots of people have us trading LMJ for a 4th or 5th rd pick. He was a 2nd rd pick that has averaged over 4 1/2 yds a carry and has great skills as a potential receiver to boot that have been unused. when a good player doesn't work out for you in the end you lose value. If Dallas wants to move Claiborne they will lose value as well but a 2nd rd pick in a very deep draft is pretty darn good. If not we could probably trade back 10 spots, pick up a 4th rd pick and draft a different CB like Watkins or Desir and use the extra 4th to draft a safety prospect like Loston.

When it comes to trades Baalke is a hard ass. He always gets the better of it. We traded back last year in round 2 six spots and gained an early 3rd rd pick this year. Then we traded back up in the same round 5 spots and paid a 6th rd pick. Two nearly identical moves in the same rd and we gained a 3rd and paid a 6th. He made Jerry Jones his little biatch in round 1.

Maybe we trade Jerry Jones our 1st, 2nd and 3rd rd picks for their 1st rd pick and Claiborne. That would work out well.
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