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how far does jarvis landry's 4.77 forty at the combine drop him in the draft?

Originally posted by qnnhan7:
Jarvis Landry as followup replacement for Boldin. I think that would be sweet. Draft him Baalke!

Originally posted by LaMichaelJeff:
I feel like Landry will drop down to the 3rd.

If Landry does drop to the bottom of the 3rd round, he would present the perfect option to have learn behind Boldin and we MUST get him!
Originally posted by MC9BEAT:
I think he goes in the 3rd round.

probably bottom of third, top of 4th. I hope he falls so we can snag him for cheap. He is as close to boldin as any other player will ever be. Boldin was even heavily criticized coming out of college for being slow and look at his career. I say we give him a look at one of our late 3rd picks if we have already picked up our burner WR
Would love him...have a good feeling about his ability to find a way to get open and then catch the ball 99% of the time. Great hands are hard to find.
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