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The Brass Knuckles Mock Plan

Originally posted by GEEK:
Originally posted by English:
Noice! How bout a fullback. With a 7th or UDFA?

Lorenzo Taliaferro is a 6-0, 220+ LB bruising running back with pass protection skills. Here is his Combine Scouting Report. Sounds like Anthony Dixon to me.


Outstanding size. Very good production. Is patient and follows his blocks. Finds creases and is adept navigating through traffic without losing speed -- good eyes. Nice spin move. Competes hard. Strong short-yardage producer. Runs hard and usually falls forward. Catches outside his frame. Helps chip in pass protection and is alert to see the blitz. Good football intelligence and awareness.

Limited speed to the outside. Monotone runner who takes time to get rolling downhill. Much of his production is blocked for him. Plays in a spread offense where he is usually moving laterally at the snap and not stepping downhill. Stiff route runner. Regularly matched up against lesser competition.

Bottom Line
A big, small-school producer with a solid all-around skill set to compete for a job as a role player in a zone scheme. Will need to contribute on special teams to earn a spot.
-Nolan Nawrocki

But can he tweet?!!
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Originally posted by English:
But can he tweet?!!

You decide.
Originally posted by GEEK:
Originally posted by English:
But can he tweet?!!

You decide.

"Ayyyye my badgers still ballin'"

Gonna have to think about that....
Originally posted by GEEK:
Two CBs - one with Verrett, the other with a trade to the Cowboys for Claiborne.

Ahh, Ok I see it now. With the trade of LaMichael, the pick of Archer looks better. Nice
Really like drafting Verrett and Tuitt. I would LOVE if they traded for Claiborne. If you had them drafting Colvin in this then it would be perfect
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Woah how is the trade for Clayborne even plausible?
I had a draft with Tuitt going second as well, and us trading up for him.
However I changed that because I wanted to see how Dobbs/Dial/Carradine play out.
I swapped him out for another CB- then I took McCullens out of Ten. He's a project and has first round talent, just needs to be groomed a bit.
I would rather see us get another good year out of the cowboy, and have Carradine compete with a 1st rounder we get next year for our D-Line. They'll be there.

Solid draft though. Hopefully it pans out like this.
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Nice mock if the cowboys trade happens.

I would probably go for a safety in round 3 like Loston or Antone Exum and then draft Archer in the 4th. He's pretty much an undersized specialist and should get past the 3rd round.

You could probably trade back from round 3 to early round 4(aprox 4th-7th pick), pick up a 5th round pick and still get ILB Barrow. Then use the 5th rd pick to draft CB Aaron Colvin.

Either way I think this draft would excite most 49er fans if we could pull it off.
Suppose Verret is taken. Who's our fall back?
You really think we can get Claiborne like that for practically nothing?

Any mock with Verrett and Tuitt gets an A for me.
Great picks but that trade isn't believable
At first I was yay Verrett, then was this is ok I can live with it, then I was like meh, Archer. Then you traded for Claiborne and I pretty much jazzed. I like this mock. A lot.

It's a very Baalke type of mock too. Bringing in guys to fit our team.
Like the draft, good trade w/the Cowboys, only thing I don't like is Archer in the 3rd round, too high for him
Great mock
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