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a definite now..??

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I have not seen a Pierre Desir highlight video posted on the zone.

Note: He looks far more aggressive in run support in this video than he really is . On the most tapes I have watched he was nonexistent in that regard.

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Drafttek has the niners (post Culliver) trading up to #10 to take Dennard, then still getting OC Martin in the second, Archer and CB Roberson in the third and McCullers in the fourth. That would be a pretty interesting set of players to add.
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
2 should be fine considering that they already have Brock, Wright, Cox and Morris. Maybe a project late in the draft or a guy like Colvin who can be stashed away on IR.

I was thinking Colvin would be the 3rd guy. I think Fuller/Verret, Desir, and Colvin would be a good draft
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