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Originally posted by Quest4six:
I got a question for you,
Out of curiosity, what makes you think Verrett is the best choice out of this draft for the CB position?
To me, he seems to small and not physical enough

Give Verrett 2 more inches of height and he's a Top 15, Top 10 draft pick. He routinely went up and excelled against top receivers, has explosive athleticism and is a tremendous ballhawk. It's the latter that really makes me intrigued, he gets his hands on a crazy number of passes, if he could add a few turnovers while playing the slot corner spot, that'd be a big boost for the 49ers defense.
Good Mock. Although I like Fuller more, we really need a competent stud slot cornerback more. That position has hurt us too often in the past. When I think about Victor Cruz destroying Carlos Rogers in 2011, I feel like we lost a superbowl that year.... As well as the last 2 years. Verrett would fix that problem for the next decade.

Sometimes I wonder if drafted Fuller, would they move Brock back to the nickelback...which he played previously in his young career?
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at his size, i worry about brooks being able to stay on the field all season in the nfl. lot more high-energy collisions in the nfl, and when you are the smaller guy most of the time, luck is not on your side.
on the other hand, he's got good muscles; it would behoove him to put on 10 lbs. still, it seems like he could be had in the 3rd or 4th rd. to me, looking at him as a nfl player, it's like he's a 2nd rd pass defender and a 4th rd player when projecting the physicality part.
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Great job with BPA vs. Need in your selections. They significantly overlap.

Only negative is it's very secondary heavy within the first few rounds of the draft. No need to burn a 2nd round pick on a safety that won't start until year 3-4.

I get the logic of those CB selections, but it's a bit overkill.

But you knocked this out of the park otherwise - and I rarely say that. Great job.
Good work, but not sure i want to use a 2nd on a player who may not touch the field for a couple years. Unless Brooks is one helluva player of course. I would like see us draft a pass rusher.
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barrow would be a great pick. we so need what he brings; he truly is a poor-man's bowman. and bowman will be greatly missed next season--it could be the difference between reaching the nfc championship and being only a wild-card loser.
might be worth making this move because there's a bunch of decent ilb candidates in the last three rounds--but they are clearly of a lower quality than barrow.
I like this a lot. nice man
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i love jason verrett. would be extremely happy with him as our 1st pick.
That would be awesome.
If you swap Fuller in for Verret this would be my favorite mock so far. Not that I dislike Verret, I just like Fullers style and physicality a bit more.

i can dig it!
it's oh so yummy...

The first 3 picks of Verrett, Moncrief, Brooks are A+ for me...

I don't love the Desir pick, but don't hate it either. I'd be optimistic enough that Donatell can maximize his skills.

Merely okay with Barrow in rd 3... he's decent, but not the way I'd go.

Latimer and Bromley have become later rd favorites of mine... love those choices. Larsen is very good value there.

intriguing 7th rd picks too... overall, a really good draft outcome... thinking : 8.5 / 10 ...
First off this is an awesome mock. I'd be happy to get a majority of these guys, but I don't see Baalke sitting tight and waiting for a player to fall so it sort of shatters the dream of this actually happening for me. I'd like to see what you come up with involving trades for the next mock so I can buy in more to the possible reality of an awesome draft like last years where I was dancing for every pick into the fifth round lol.
Awesome draft. I would be all about this draft for sure. Questions though. You didn't grab a slot receiver which is very understandable since boldin can play it and Patton is expected to take another step. But what do you think of Caraun Reid from Princeton? And are u totally against taking lyerla if he fell to a 7th round pick?
People who are questioning the verrett pick need to go to YouTube and watch the kid ball out.
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