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What round do you see us drafting for ILB Depth?

I bet we will trade away one of our 3rd round picks or 2nd rounders to move into the teens to take an impact player at WR or CB ....So I'm thinking maybe the 5th round we'll grab an ILB , even though personally I am comfortable with a platoon of Wilhoite and Moody, and even a splash of Skuta and Brooks AT ILB to pick up the slack?? ...I've also read Darius fleming is going to get some work at ILB? ...we all know Bowman is a beast and will be back at some point this season, but I still think we'll draft an ILB to develop for down the road ..... any thoughts??
I'd say no higher then 5th. Keep in mind that the 49ers drafted Moody last year
Depends on who slips through the cracks BUT maybe 5th-6th.
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I say starting in the 4th round.
2md round on depending on who falls in the draft.
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I dont see much room for an ILB to make the 53

Moody is a very good player, and should play a huge factor on special teams, and likely get more time at LB

Fleming is coming back, Niners were developing him into a ILB, great size at 6'2 255

Wilhoite proved he can start, and be effective, I think he will be even better knowing he has a chance to start
while bowman is rehabbibg

Though Skuta played OLB for us in 2013, he can play inside too, solid vet

If we do draft one, I like K.Fortt, Cal in the 5th
in whatever round the ILB is the BPA
Lamin Barrow in the 3rd round.
I like Moody and Wilhoite enough to hold things together, but if we do draft an ILB? I would like to get a guy like Devekeyan Lattimore in the late 4th/5th rd.
We have Moody and Wilhoite. It comes down to whether you're willing to get someone like Spencer Long or Aaron Colvin who can sit on IR and compete for a starting spot next year or draft a guy who will be a benchwarmer for Bowman next year.

6th if at all.
1 30
2 56
2 61
3 77
3 94
3 100 Compensatory selection
4 129
5 170
7 242
7 243
7 245

I would guess one of those 7th rounders, Baalke seems to like this round. That 4th and 5th rounder look ripe for using to trade up and doubt ILB would be a priority too high. I would rather trade for picks next year than take an ILB in the top 100.
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If think between the 3th and 6th round.

I was happy when Baalke drafted Fleming in 2012 and Moody in 2013 but with that said. Fleming has not played a single down to this point yet had 2 ACL´s already. And Moody had some serious durability concerns coming out of college and the first thing he did was to break his hand.
And what happens if Willis misses a few weeks ? Are we really comfortable with Wilhoite and Moody starting then ?

I think we will definitely bring in some competition / insurance.

A few of my favorite prospects for us

Telvin Smith FSU 6´3" 218 32 1/2 arm length Round 2-3

Christian Jones FSU 6´3" 240 33 1/2 Round 3-4

Lamin Barrow LSU 6´1" 237 33 3/8 arm length Round Round 4-5

Kevin Pierre-Louis Boston College 6´0" 232 32 1/4 Round 5-6

Avery Williamson Kentucky 6´1" 246 32 3/4 Round 5-6
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if we draft one in the third round, we get a legit, starter-quality inside guy. we're gonna need that for most of the season. those backup guys we have aren't gonna help us win--they're just stop-gap.
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