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Jim Harbaugh's Official Mock 3/24 - Blockbuster Trade Edition

With the addition of the 3rd Comp. selection I decided to do a Post-Combine, Post-FA (Fort the most part), MOCK DRAFT.

Much has changed since I did my first mock. I really think the Niners will trade up. They have too much reason not too.

Right now we stand at:

11 picks
1st round: No. 30 overall, own pick
2nd round: No. 56 overall, from Kansas City
2nd round: No. 61 overall, own pick
3rd round: No. 77 overall, from Tennessee
3rd round: No. 94 overall, own pick
3rd round: No. 100 overall, compensatory selection
4th round: TBA, own pick
5th round: TBA, own pick
7th round: TBA, from New Orleans
7th round: TBA, from Carolina
7th round: TBA, own pick

*I Predict the 49ers trade picks #30, #56, and #77 to the Lions for the #10th pick.*

1st Round - 10th Pick - JUSTIN GILBERT CB OK. ST.

The Niners have the ammo to move up and grab the best CB in the draft. Also there is no way that 11 rooks make the team, so it solves 2 problems. Justin Gilbert is a special talent. He has long arms (33" 1/8) and great speed (4.37). He is a true #1 LOCKDOWN CB with Return skills to boot. I see no negatives here.

HT: 6'0"
WT: 202 lbs
ARMS: 33 1/8
HANDS: 8 1/2
40: 4.37

2nd Round - 61st Pick - Jordan Mathews WR Vanderbilt

The Niners draft for another area of weakness, similar to what they did last year with going FS and TE in the 1st and 2nd rounds. Mathews is big, long arms, big hands. Crazy hard worker and smart. Asked for tape on all the DBs at the Senior bowl and played well. Blood related to Jerry Rice. Has the opportunity to sit behind Boldin and Crabs for the most part this year and learn how to be a pro.

HT: 6'3"
WT: 212 lbs
ARMS: 33 1/4
HANDS: 10 1/4
40: 4.46

3rd Round - 94th Pick - Deone Bucannon SS Wash. St.

Big strong SS who is not quite ready to be a starter in the NFL. But has the opportunity to sit behind Bethea for a few years and learn how to be a pro. Could develop into a great starter in this league. Will be a solid ST contributor in the mean time. His stock has dropped a little bit from the combine. I could see him landing here.

HT: 6'1"
WT: 211 lbs
ARMS: 32 1/4
HANDS: 9 5/8
40: 4.49

3rd Round - 100th Pick (Compensatory) - Trai Turner OG LSU

Had a really solid combine. Big strong guy who could give us a solid replacement for Iupati if he walks. Harbaalke seem to love SEC guys. And we need more interior OL. Long arms big hands.

HT: 6'2 5/8"
WT: 310 lbs
ARMS: 34
HANDS: 9 3/8
40: 4.93

4th Round - Robert Herron WR Wyoming

Small, quick WR who could develop into a solid slot WR. Also brings return skills. Plays big.

HT: 5'9 1/8"
WT: 193 lbs
ARMS: 30 3/8
HANDS: 9 5/8
40: 4.48

5th Round - Aaron Colvin CB Oklahoma

Very talented, athletic corner. Tore ACL at the senior bowl. Was projected as a 2nd or 3rd round pick before the injury. We get him at a bargain and he can redshirt a year for us.

HT: 5'11 3/8"
WT: 177
ARMS: 31"
HANDS: 9 1/4
40: 4.5

7th Round - Ben Gardner DE Stanford

Physical DL that can hopefully compete for a spot down the road, needs to add a little more to his frame.

HT: 6'3 7/8
WT: 276

7th Round - Glenn Carson ILB Penn St.
MLB Depth. Not a bad thing right now. A little slow, but still could be a ST contributor.

7th Round - Alfred Blue RB/FB LSU
Short yardage back, could take the role of Boobie.
I'd rather have Moncrief over Matthews personally, but definitely would not be upset with Matthews. Just think Moncrief is more fitting for our need on a guy that stretches the field. Also, I'd take a 3-4 DE with the 100th pick instead of the guard. Depth and a future starter at DE is more of a pressing need than a backup olineman. Think if we do draft a lineman in first three rounds, it will be a center.

You are Jim Harbaugh though, so what the f**k do I know?
Nice mock. I do believe there will be some trades for sure
I'd be upset if we took Gilbert at 30, let alone sell the farm for him in this deep of a draft. Kid's really not that good.
You cant trade a compensatory pick
We won't get Matthews at 61
I like most of it though

Except the last 3 and the Buchanan pick
I'd rather have Baptise
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
You cant trade a compensatory pick
I didn't pick 100 is the comp pick
I would be pissed off if Baalke did that. This draft is consider to be quite deep with lots of talents. I want to see those early picks use to replenish positions that are getting older or more expensive.
Your 2nd and 3rd picks will probably not fall that far in the draft. I don't expect Moncrief or Matthews to make it to 61. Buchanon at the end of the 3rd round is a pretty big stretch too. I'm not sure Detroit would make that trade if Gilbert falls to 10 because they probably want Gilbert too.

I'd be happy with these picks but I don't know how realistic it is.
Just because Baalke has 6 of the first 100 picks doesn't mean he'd go ape as you fact, he won't. It's possible he'd trade pick #30, but not give up 3 picks in the process. That just doesn't make any sense. I can more easily see him trading up in rd grab a player/players he and Harbaugh really like. Same thing in the 3rd rd...because he wouldn't give up as many picks in those rds to trade up. It's all about getting the best quality while giving up the least. It's what the Pats have done for years and Baalke's doing likewise.

Last year we traded 2 picks to go to 18th why is 3 picks so crazy?
I love the players you drafted and if we can somehow get Justin Gilbert I may cry of joy. Still giving up that many picks to move up scares me in a draft this deep. But as was already pointed out in this thread, you are Jim Harbaugh, you wear the cheap khakis and Niner black sweatshirt every single day, not me so do you.
Originally posted by Quest4six:
We won't get Matthews at 61
I like most of it though

Except the last 3 and the Buchanan pick
I'd rather have Baptise

Baptiste won't be there at 94. He probably won't even be there at 77.

I'm not a huge fan of the last 3 picks either - we have several developmental projects at DE right now.
I love this mock just for the top 4 picks. In fact, Gilbert and Matthews alone make it an exciting draft.
I'm in favor a big trade-up.
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