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need-based mock 49er draft

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rd. 1: jason verrett, cb, tcu - high-level slot corner. an alpha competitor. fills big need.

rd. 2: donte moncrief, wr, ole miss - big, strong, very good hands, quick for his size. could become a middle-of-the-road #1 in a few years. obviously, a good receiver fills a big need on our shallow wr squad.

rd 2: bruce ellington, wr, s car - this guy will become a top-3 nfl slot receiver and returner. need filled.

rd 3: pierre desir, cb, lindenwood - has the athletic tools to line up against #1 receivers. it'll take a year or two to make that happen. good investment.

rd. 3: jared abbrederis, wr, wisc. - polished technician who will use his skill to get open and be clutch when needed. i see him putting on a good 10 lbs of muscle because he needs to, and this guy works. watch him work himself into a #2 wr in the future. need filled.

rd 4: deandre coleman, dt/de, cal - good combo of movement and power, who is physically ready to handle nfl work. he could easily be a starter in his 2nd year. we have a lot of mileage at 5-tech. fills need.

rd. 4: craig loston, ss, lsu - he's a junkyard dog who will become a starter after some refinement and nfl wisdom. need filled.

rd. 5: aaron murray, qb, georgia - polished, savvy, backup for the long haul. need filled.

rd 7: aaron colvin, cb, oklahoma - pretty much a sure thing once the knee heals. value pick. fills future need.

rd 7: ty zimmerman, fs, k st - a replacement for dahl who is better than dahl. need filled.

rd 7: andrew jackson ilb, - big bruiser to give some depth and security inside during camp and reg season until bowman returns 100%.

Loston, Murray and Colvin will probably be gone and maybe Verrett too. Would be nice if it worked out this way. We probably could use some OL depth more than a 3rd WR.
This would be an awesome haul. Is there enough room on the roster? Would hate to lose any of these off the P. Squad. Love the new WR corps, but whom do we cut?
Perfect mock. Would be happy as hell!!!
Love the picks not sure if they'll be available where you chose.
I love the first two picks. After that your wasting high picks on guys that will have a tough time making our roster.

CB and ILB (with Bowman likely out for part of the season) are the only positions on our roster where a rookie could come in and contribute right away. With Crabtree, Boldin, and Patton.... I don't see a rookie WR getting many snaps. So picking 3 WRs in this draft is a waste. I think we will target one guy early on, then maybe see who falls and grab a project in the later rounds.

There also isn't likely to be room for more than 1 CB. As we have seen in previous offseasons, Baalke never just hands a rookie a job. There is always competition from vets. After June 1st, we will have plenty of cap space. I expect Baalke will bring in a veteran CB to compete with a rookie.
I wouldnt mind. Except Abbrederis.. thats where things got unrealistic imo.
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