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The 3 best players in this draft are.....

I'm talking about locks, guaranteed stars in the NFL for a decade. Name your 3 can't miss stars.

1. Greg Robinson

2. Khalil Mack

3. Justin Gilbert

Honorable mention - Calvin Pryor
1. Jadeveon Clowney
2. Johnny Manziel
3. Sammy Watkins
The first 3 picks of the 49ers!!!
Manziel is not even top10
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1. robinson
2. clowney
3. donald
1. Sammy Watkins
2. Khalil Mack
3. Aaron Donald
Originally posted by fortyninerglory:
1. Jadeveon Clowney
2. Johnny Manziel
3. Sammy Watkins

Manziel will flame out like Tebow
I've got Clowney, Watkins and Mack
1. Sammy Watkins
2. Aaron Donald
3. Calvin Pryor

The title and your opening blurb are asking different things in my opinion. A player doesn't have to be a can't miss prospect to be a top prospect. The way you defined best player, it seems like you don't want people to say Clowney.

My top 3 prospects (combination of safety and potential):
1. Clowney
2. Robinson
3. Watkins

My 3 highest floor prospects (can't miss stars):
1. Watkins - explosive, competitive, runs pretty good routes, reasonable size, great hands and attacks the ball. I can't see him being a miss but I can't see him being as potentially dominant as Clowney or Robinson which is why he's #3 on my list. He's not that big, but he doesn't have a weakness.
2. Clowney - I think Clowney has by far the highest ceiling but also the second highest floor in this class. I just can't see him being anything but a dominant pass rusher. If he truly doesn't care about the game, maybe he won't develop into a great run defender but he would still be a threat for 10+ sacks a year and command a lot of attention. NFL offenses can't commit 3 players to blocking him if Clowney has some talent around him.
3. Khalil Mack - he's a solid all around linebacker (could get better in coverage but is good enough to be a 3 down player already in my opinion) and a great athlete. If he had better length, he would make it into the top 3 prospects because he would have more potential as a pass rusher.

My 3 highest potential prospects:
1. Clowney
2. Robinson - he can be the best run blocking tackle in the league and may be able to develop into an elite pass blocking tackle as well. Extremely powerful player with natural strength and great length. He is also still pretty explosive at 332 pounds.
3. Mike Evans - thought about putting Gilbert here but Evans has tons of room for growth. He and Benjamin will be the tallest/longest WR's in the league (much longer arms than Calvin Johnson). He's not quite Jimmy Graham's size, but I think Evans does a better job high pointing the ball and is a similar athlete. He's almost as good an athlete as Vincent Jackson and his arms are 3" longer. Could be a scary red zone threat and a great deep threat. Can get better as a route runner but was very successful in college winning jump balls. I'm of the opinion that he made Manziel successful and not the other way around.
1) Jadaveon Clowney
2) Jadaveon Clowney
3) Jadaveon Clowney's twin brother Jadaveon
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Jadaveon Clowney
Sammy Watkins
Jimmie Ward
Talent-wise, it's Clowney. Long-term success though, I'd put good money on Jake Matthews being the best player out of this draft when it's all said and done. Some guys will have bigger years and put up bigger numbers here and there, but Matthews will likely play 10+ years in the league and be a pro-bowler for most of them.
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