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Another Crack at a mock

Imo we will only be selecting 9. Don't know if we have to move up or what picks we use to move up but these are the guys I think can boost our team
1. Darqueze Dennard CB 5'11 181 4.43 sp Michigan state
2. Jordan Matthews WR 6'3 205 4.46 sp Vanderbilt
3. Jared Abbrederis WR 6'0 189 4.43 sp Wisconsin
4. Keith McGill CB 6'3 211 4.57 sp Utah
5. Ed Stinson DE/DT 6'4 292 Alabama
6. Chris Borland ILB 5'11 245 Wisconsin
7. Andrew Norwell OT/G 6'6 319 Ohio state
8. Kenny Ladler S 6'0 207 Vanderbilt
9. Gator Hoskins SAK 6'1 244 Marshall
I know I picked a safety late I think we're good for a year
Should probably take another Crack at where to properly place this thread.
If that was all you had to write you should've given your fingers a rest
Originally posted by Rgonelove:
If that was all you had to write you should've given your fingers a rest

Dude he was right. You posted it in the wrong forum. Rather than hitting out at him it would have been more appropriate to acknowledge that.
I'd take Fuller over Dennard...whom Baalke would have to trade up for. He could do that, but why when there are so many good CB's available. Fuller has the long arms (just a tad under 33"), something TB's looking for.

I'd also take a S a lot earlier than rd 8. Yes, Baalke signed Bethea, who's a very solid player, but it'd seem smart to draft a higher quality S to understudy him and be able to take over once Bethea's play begins to slip.

Overall, though, I like your mock.
not bad. I like the WR's in the 2nd round.
What's the difference, a post is a post no matter where it's at 2 people commented on my selections with no problem, if you don't want to comment on my selections then backtrack out of this thread and keep it moving. Cut the drama
It's not that important
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