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Phoenix49ers 2014 Mock Draft V5.0

Originally posted by communist:
Originally posted by WRATHman44:
and Ryan Seymour is the center behind Looney.
and Adam Snyder is the center behind Seymour.
I want quality all day long in the trenches. I don't know anything about Seymour or Looney and I don't know whether they can play at Center effectively.
And please don't mention Snyder, this guy cannot even play at RG good enough, imho.

Looney looked good when he got his reps this year, and he received a lot of unsolicited praise from his linemates arter the game and through the following week. I think he's the reason that the FO doesn't want to break the bank on Iupati. He's also received a lot of reps at center (through TC and PS), and he'll likely be our GCG backup on the 46 this year, IMO. Seattle fans I know (and coaches if "experts" are to be believed) were pissed that we didn't allow them to sneak Seymour onto the practice squad. Snyder plays well enough as a backup, always has. He's just not a guy that can give you a season of good play. I don't know if he's mentally weak and the week of prep expecting to start messes with him, but he's done a pretty good job when he gets called in suddenly.
Good call WRATHman44!

Looney was very good when Boone moved over to LT. He reminds me a little of Derrick Deese.

I was worried as hell when we resigned Snyder. You're right, he plays well in short spurts. The longer he's on the field his performance seems to backslide.

I don't know much about Seymour. What's your opinion of him?
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