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49ers Lack A True Slot WR

I, too, am concerned about Lee's health in the NFL. For the 49ers though? Injuries appear to be the least of their worries (Carradine, Lattimore, and Dial all were drafted with injuries). If the player is currently healthy, that likely would make them even less of a concern.
I agree with most posts in this thread. Instead of drafting a small, quick WR, we need to draft a big, tall , fast WR who can be a deep threat.

BOldin and Crabtree could / can work the slot just fine. Crabtree can get open vs basically any WR, and Boldin, although he lacks speed can easily use his strength to beat a nickel CB on quick throws in the slot. From there i also see him breaking tackles from that CB for YAC yards.

Personally i think were best suited for Crabtree on the outside with either Patton (if he can step up in pre season) or Rookie WR, with Boldin in the slot, and VD at TE of course. Personally i love the 3 WR sets whether we throw OR run the ball. Removing 1 defender from the box and putting him on the slot WR opens more room for our RBs and i will take our O-line and TE blocking over any teams front 7.
Edelman would be a great if we signed him.
The 49ers rarely use 3 WR sets. They'd rather use 2 TE sets and extra lineman. I'm starting to think that the front office is allergic to speed at the WR position.
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Originally posted by doc_brown_:
Crabs on one side, Anquan on the other with VD slashing the seams and exploiting mismatches. No worries there! What we do lack is a true slot WR. A player with very reliable hands who has jitterbug quickness and can gain separation in small spaces.

Remember the 2011 NFC Championship game against the Giants? Remember Victor Cruz bending Carlos Rogers over in the 1st half? This is one example of how effective a slot WR can be. He's the "safety valve" and can become a QB's best friend when the pocket collapses.

For me, it's all about being balanced with legitimate threats at every skill position. I used to hate seeing Kyle Williams trot out onto the field because I knew he had no chance of getting the ball. If you've noticed, Kaep goes to his playmakers and we need one in the slot.

I believe the 49ers drafted LaMichael James with hopes that he developed into a "Darren Sproles type" of player. Like Sproles, James would not have been a true slot WR, but a RB who could catch the ball out of the backfield. So far, James has been a disappointment as he hardly sees the field on offense.

Patton has shown promise, but I'm not convinced he can operate effectively as a slot WR.

Slot's are usually small, which works to their advantage. Smaller players are quicker in small spaces. Which players do you think can become successful slot WR's in the NFL? Cooks? Beckham? Ellington? Please chime in.

James has a fumbling problem! I was hoping we could have used him like Sproles. I say we sign Steve Smith!
Originally posted by Travisty13:
There's already a 100 WR threads. Do we really need this one also?

Isn't this the same thread?

Ya know, you could have just not clicked on the little link thingie for this thread. I mean, the OP was nice enough to include "wr" in the title. I am so tired of people going into threads and whining about the topic. "Hey man, there are a 1000000000000 other threads with covering this topic." IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE SUBJECT BEING DISCUSSED OR YOU ARE SICK OF SEEING ANOTHER THREAD ON THE SAME SUBJECT, THEN START YOUR OWN THREAD.
if we get one will we use him? kaep does not spread it around, plus multiple TE formations is our forte, someone who can stretch the field will give vernon a career year i beleive
As mentioned several times we don't often us a 3 WR set so I'm okay if we don't go after one of the remaining FAs. I would thou like to see going forward Kaepernick look for Vance MacDonald more when we go to multiple TE set. I've been rewatching some of the games and several times Vance is streaking down the field open but Kaepernick looks for an often covered Boldin.
i want ANOTHER guy who can catch TDs late in the 4th quarter of playoff games
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Cooks would be the $#it on this team!

Originally posted by ronin1387:
if we get one will we use him? kaep does not spread it around, plus multiple TE formations is our forte, someone who can stretch the field will give vernon a career year i beleive

Perhaps if matchups dictated different formations there may be an increased usage of 3 WR sets. I'm more curious how people define a true slot receiver because that is a very vague statement. One thing I'd like to add is that whichever WR we end up with toughness and fight has to be a major determining factor. The division we're in plays tough physical football, especially in the secondary, and this requires a certain type of individual. A speed guy who hates contact may not do so well because of the rough introduction to pro football he'll receive via the NFC West. The slot position will put himself in the vicinity of Cam Chancellor and in order for a rookie to not develop alligator arms syndrome when going over the middle, he's got to be ready for contact and willing to take hits.
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I'd rather go D-line than WR. I think our WR's are fine...Patton in the slot, Boldin on one side, Crabs on the other, VD in the middle...
Originally posted by NinerG94:
The 49ers rarely use 3 WR sets. They'd rather use 2 TE sets and extra lineman. I'm starting to think that the front office is allergic to speed at the WR position.

More 3 WR sets would be ideal for us to use more of. Every single team knows exactly what's coming if we have 1 WR 2 TE and extra lineman with gore in the backfield. If we go to more of a spread look it forces the defense to go to their nickel/sub package and the box becomes less crowded. We can run or pass out of spread formations and it will hopefully help Kaep look at other receivers besides our big 3. I'd love for us to draft Brandin Cooks, I think he will be able to effectively play outside the hashes.
Originally posted by DeUh:
Originally posted by jrouter4949:
Originally posted by DeUh:
Originally posted by doc_brown_:
Maybe, but whether its addressed or not is anyones guess. Remember, Baalke typically doesn't draft smaller guys, but quick, small players are most effective in the slot in my opinion.

Jenkins, James ? Patton is not that big either.

Look for the Niners to get speed on the outside. Boldin is most effective in the slot. Crabtree and Boldin in 2 WR sets + Crabtree, Boldin and for example Moncrief/Bryant/Underwood in 3 WR sets.

who is Underwood?

Was just throwing names out there. He played for the Bucs last season. I made a thread of him in the Free Agency section if you want to look him up.

oh ok taquan underwood,he's kind of tall and rangy,He had a good year last year when he got to PLAY,I believe he is also a very good down field blocker to.
We would use more 3 wr sets if we had 3 receivers worth using given the down and distance. And it would also help if Kap were to do a stranger on his right arm so he doesn't try to blow out the fingers of his wideouts.
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